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Someone who is fond of getting fresh news about entertainment, especially Hollywood celebrities. Kenneth's interests cover reading novels, watching movies, writing, and music. Lover of Acapella sounds, he spends a lot of time watching Acapella videos on YouTube.

Instagram Marketing: Tips To Grow Your Sales Through Instagram

Sales in the e-commerce platform have reached a level of success, and that has happened majorly because of social media networks’ involvement especially in the e-businesses. Marketing is not an unclimbable peak of the mountain anymore as we got a surplus of resources and platforms to make it happen. Facebook and Instagram marketing are two […]

Social Media Trends This 2015

Speculations are all over the web about the exciting almost-to-end year of 2014. Predictions are being made as to what will be the trends for the next year’s SEO. We...

What?! Ne-yo Wants to Be a Farmer?

This isn’t your average entertainment news. I was shocked looking at the photos of the farmette my favorite R&B singer just bought. TMZ just release some photos of his 2...