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Mikhail Blacer is the sports editor of Scoopfed, thanks to his passion and interest in various athletic disciplines. He plays basketball and soccer in his spare time, although he's not really good at these. Other than being a full-time writer and editor for Scoopfed, he is also an administrator of numerous basketball pages in Facebook, and was the chief editor of his college's publication.In his spare time, you'll catch him enthusiastically talking about the Philippine National Basketball team, and his favorite NBA team, the Miami Heat. He is also an avid reader of ancient history books, Paulo Coelho's novels, and superhero comics.

5 TV Career Women We Could All Learn From

We can’t deny the fact that the representation of women characters on television has been pretty dismal over the years. Fortunately, television producers are now picking up on the trend as we finally see career women that have roles that break the damsel in distress, housewife archetype. Now, we can see TV women portrayed as […]

Weirdest Foods From Around the World

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Seven of the Best Side Dishes for Steaks

A slab of meat is a chock-full of protein, fat, and heavenly goodness. Like chocolate it is ambrosia on earth, and undoubtedly makes an awesome birthday dinner. However, eating steak...

NBA 2014-15 Season Mid-Year Surprises

The NBA season is in full-swing, and it has provided all sorts of surprises. Actually, saying that it’s been a surprising season is an understatement: if you look at the...