10 Must-Have Tools Supplies For Auto Body Shop

Several skilled auto mechanics aspire to start their businesses at some point in their professions.  As most Auto Body Shops Brooklyn, establishing an efficient and profitable business will require much more than technical skills.

Among the biggest crucial stages in creating a good auto body shop, such as Salerno Auto Body Shop, is having the necessary tools and equipment. And to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten supplies you should have in your car body business.

10 Tools & Equipment For Auto Body Shop

1. Ratchet and Socket Set

Ratchets are offered in three sizes: small, medium, and big. It is better to have the entire set as with other tools, which includes all three sizes. If money is a problem, at the absolute least, obtain the little and large ones. Furthermore, select sockets varying from 6mm to 24mm, and also one 32mm. 

A ratchet might be the best tool for dealing with bolts in tight quarters and at awkward angles. As a result, ratchets are an essential component in mechanic shops.

2. Screwdrivers

Every workshop’s entry-level mechanics should own a screwdriver. This little device helps with screws. Flat and Phillip screws are most common. Hence, these two screwdrivers must be in your toolbox.

Torx screws are frequently used in automobiles. Keep one Allen-shaped driver handy. Yes, although they aren’t nearly as prevalent in the automotive business. Do prefer magnetized screwdrivers. When you’re in an uncomfortable position, drivers tighten the screw. It prevents screws from slipping out.

3. Hammer

Though it may not appear that acquiring a hammer from an auto repair business is necessary, it will become evident while working with a jammed car component. Various components may be clogged by grease, dirt, and corrosion. As a result, getting rid of them is a bit more complicated.

In these circumstances, a hammer will be helpful.   When hit with a regular hammer, specific components are fragile and may fracture. These kinds of parts may be removed using a mallet.

4. Car Jacks, Jack Stand & Ramps

Most automotive procedures involve lifting the car, mainly when operating on the tires, brakes, gas tanks, and other components found below the car. In these circumstances, car jacks come in handy and essential garage equipment. This aids you in raising the car with the least amount of effort.

Another essential piece of vehicle repair equipment is jack stands. Car jacks are required to raise the car. However, jack stands must be used to hold the car in place. You can utilize ramps instead of jacks and jack stands if you want more stability. These are offered in pairs and are placed in one of the garage’s corners. Simply drive onto the ramps, and your car will be raised. After rising, if required, put stoppers behind the wheels.

5. Battery Charger and Jumper

A battery charger, also called a recharger, is a device that forces electricity into a second loop or rechargeable battery using an electric current. On the other hand, jumpstarters are tiny battery devices that may be used to jumpstart vehicles. These devices operate in the same way as jumper cables, but they don’t use a second vehicle to provide the necessary power to recharge a dead car battery.

6. Oil Drain and Oil Caddy

Oil changes and transmission fluid changes will need an oil caddy that can store the maximum quantity of fluid. As your business grows and you deal with cars on lifts, a portable oil tank that can touch the raised vehicle may make the procedure easier and quicker.

7. Engine Hoist

Mechanical engine hoists and other hydraulic systems are also subject to the same concept. A hydraulic cylinder at the hoist’s middle can lift massive weights.

If you’re doing extensive engine repair that necessitates removing the engine for repair, rebuilding, or replacement, you’ll need an engine hoist. Make sure the one you choose can handle the most significant engine you’ll be focusing on.

8. Dual Action or Disc Sander

An essential tool in an auto body repair shop is the dual-action or DA or orbital sander; as the vehicle surface is scoured with the grit disc, the disc spins. Dual-action sanders are suitable for sanding paint and body filler, and they provide an even surface in less period than traditional sanding.

A disc sander is a must for anyone in the car body repair trade, regardless of their level of involvement. A power tool may be used for basic sanding and body filler shaping, as well as a heavy-duty grinder and a file replacement.

9. Sanding Blocks

This application helps build your automotive body repair career. Sanding blocks may be used in the repair of bodies for several purposes. They are affordable and also homemade out of thin steel or hardwood scraps.

Sanding blocks are a cost-effective and handy option when using a large or aggressive sander. These blocks come in useful, as they allow you to apply consistent tension while sanding body fillers or color buffing, resulting in a level surface.

10. Paint Spray Gun

Using a paint spray gun and progressive, even touches, a damage repair mechanic’s paint treatment may be more controlled for each layer, resulting in an excellent finish.

A paint spray gun is an essential tool for an automobile parts mechanic. A good paint job is the most crucial element of a body technician’s work. Paint finish flaws are among the most noticeable things a customer will notice. Therefore it must be perfect. HVLP guns are used in most base coat and clear coat finishes, and although they are expensive, they are essential for the work of a body technician.

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