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10 Reasons to Consider Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

What do app owners expect from mobile app development? They would need an app that is built speedily, reduction in the cost of mobile app development, and attractive UI design.

iOS and Android apps have been making revolutionary changes in all different industries. Cross-platform Mobile app development is the need of the hour. That’s where Flutter came into the picture. It was launched in February 2018 and since then; it has been praised and loved by the programmers and users.

Google Engineers are working hard to fix the bugs to ensure flawless app development. They have been working on the main parts of the engine to improve the performance of the mobile applications. Hire Flutter developers to build your next-generation app.

Discover Flutter in 2019

Google has created an open source mobile app SDK called Flutter. It is a portable UI toolkit of Google that helps to create top quality native experiences for desktop, web, and mobile.

Flutter is an open source mobile SDK that is used for developing iOS and Android apps using the same code. This cross-platform tool uses Dart, a simple object-oriented programming language. The entire UI is made from a combination of different widgets.

Flutter’s Value

  • When it comes to users, it helps in building a beautiful interface for applications.
  • Designers used it in providing the original version without any compromises.  Best also to use as a prototyping tool.
  • While developers use it in speeding up mobile development with cost and complexity reduction.

Who should use Flutter?

Mobile app developers who want to build apps faster should use Flutter. Business owners who want to reach a wider audience with a single investment can choose Flutter. In short, anyone who needs beautiful apps with amazing motion and animation can opt for this platform for cross-platform mobile app development.

Top 10 Reasons Why Users and Developers Love Flutter App Development

1. Faster coding

Flutter is known for faster and dynamic mobile application development. This is called Hot Reload. It is a great tool that makes Flutter stand out from the other programming languages.

hot reload

Once the developers make the changes in the code, they can see them right away in the mobile app. usually, it takes around a few milliseconds to add the features using coding. Hot Reload is the most preferred option when you need to improve or alter the app’s look and feel.

The designers, developers, and testers can work together for making changes on UI while using Flutter app development. As the changes reflect instantly, the developers can make the changes on-the-go. Hence, the process of Flutter development saves times and efforts.

2.Uses Dart as Programming Language

Google has developed a programming language – Dart that is used for writing code for building apps for Flutter. Being an object-oriented language, it contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the app.

Dart is a fast, object-oriented programming language that includes some of the outstanding features such as strong typing, rich library support, and generics.

3.Single-code for two different platforms

Developers can write code once for building two apps and save a lot of efforts and time. Being platform-independent, it does not depend on the platform and uses its own widgets and designs. You can have the same app for two different platforms.

4.Customizable Widgets

Widgets are used for improving an app’s view and interface. Flutter offers a lot of in-built rich and customizable sets of widgets for Android, iOS and Material Design.

Developers can add new widgets and even customize the existing ones. Such widgets enable them to create crisp and smooth experiences for native apps.

A widget can be a structural element such a button or menu or it can be a stylish element for adding fonts and color scheme to your mobile app.

The feature of customization of widgets allows the developers to add the desired feature and create the right look and feel. Delight your users with exceptional features in your mobile apps.

5.Less Testing

Once you have the same application for two platforms, it means less testing. The QA process can be faster, and developers can test the Code base only once.

The Quality Assurance team has to check just one app. Hence, the time and efforts spent would be saved. If the two apps have some different features, they need to be tested on both the platforms separately.

6.High Performance

Flutter uses one language only i.e. Dart. The programming style used by Flutter is declarative and reactive. As Flutter does not require a JavaScript bridge, it improves the application’s startup times and enhances the performance of the app.

7.Enhanced UI Capabilities

With Flutter, you can create apps with different widgets. This platform offers Appbar, Snackbar, Drawer, and Scaffold. Designers can wrap one widget with another to provide different combinations of functionalities. It ensures a perfect experience no matter what platform the app runs on.

8. Hassle free migration from any platform

If you want to migrate an existing app to some other platform, Flutter app development can be the right choice. As Flutter offers multiple platform support, you can enjoy a hassle-free migration.

As it would have a single source code, you would be able to maintain the app in a cost-effective manner. Your users can enjoy a great experience without losing the look and feel of native apps.

9. Suitable for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

If you are a startup looking for entering the market with a limited budget, you can choose Flutter app development. You can build your MVP and present them in front of your investors.


You can build feature-rich and crisp mobile apps with Flutter. Your investors will be able to understand MVP and make the right decision of funding your app.

10. Numerous packages and extensive Community

Flutter has an extensive community helping developers or users. Helping those users or developers who are stuck while developing mobile apps. The platform also provides support for numerous packages and plug-in from sharing content to accessing sensors.

Flutter offers different packages. You can include a dependency on the root directory of the app to add a plugin or package.

How to get the best Flutter mobile app development?

Flutter is the right choice for developers and users who need awesome apps in a smaller time frame. If business owners wish to reach a wide range of users with a single investment, Flutter mobile app development can be the best suitable option.

Engineering managers also use Flutter to build apps from scratch or migrate existing mobile apps to this powerful platform. Lower maintenance costs are one of the major reasons why users and developers are more inclined towards Flutter mobile app development.

How much does it cost to build a Flutter mobile app?

Well, there are several factors that determine the cost of Flutter mobile app development. The cost of Flutter app can be anywhere in between $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the features and functionality you required.

Top apps built with Flutter

Some of the top apps built with Flutter are Alibaba, Google Ads, Birch Finance, Watermaniac, and Tencent.

Future of Flutter

With so many benefits of this platform, Flutter seems to have a bright future. More small and large businesses are adopting Flutter for building cross-platform apps.

You can surely be benefited by choosing the right agency to build your next mobile app to help your business grow.

In a Nutshell

Flutter mobile app development can help you build apps that have delightful animations and UI with different characters. As it works on the principle of “Code-Once-Run-Everywhere”, it is a trusted choice of several developers and mobile app development agencies across the globe. If you have made up your mind to develop your mobile app with Flutter, you should start looking for the

Best Flutter app development agency to help you. Though it has been quite a short time since Flutter is into the market, it has a bright future. It will surely win the hearts of the developers and users worldwide.

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