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Logo Design: Excellent Tips For A Creative Logo

In a business or industrial perspective, logo designs are very important especially that is the symbol that best represents them. It is through it that they can be able to connect to the public and relay what their brand promise is. It is how people remember and recognize them. Creating a timeless and eye-catching logo is an advantage for any business or company for it is the factor that makes them standout above the rest. The main question is: how do I make a fascinating logo? Well then, this process may not come easy in contrast to what it seems like.


Logo design is more than just the icons, colors and shapes. You have to be unique and don’t just copy or download stock images online for your logo, as much as possible design your own, remember: it pays to be unique. There are basic principles and elements that you should observe to create a simple yet captivating logo that would work in all mediums and applications. You have to carefully think through it and develop a concept out of the ideas of what you want. To help you out in logo design, here are few excellent tips you can consider to develop a creative logo.


1. Understand Your Brand

Learning and understanding the brand could help convey the right message. Source:

A logo is not just an icon for the public to see, but it is also an introduction to the brand of products or services that your business offers. Create a list of all the ideologies you can think of whenever you see the brand. Write down every idea and stick to the brand’s overarching personality instead of following the trend.

2. Learn The Principles of Logo Design

Consider the principles of logo design for an effective output. Source:

Yes, in logo design there are also principles that you need to be aware of in order to create an eye-catching logo. You have to keep in mind what is the real purpose of your logo. Included in the principles are the elements that you need to do to make your logo standout.

3. Use The Power Of Color

Colored Pencils
Coor is the key in creating an eye-catching and timeless logo. Souce:

Color is the key – every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your business’ brand promise. This is why you have to be very careful in selecting the colors that you have to use for your logo. Use the right color to convey your message to the public and it would help you to read The Psychology Of Color In Logo Design.

4. Do Not Be Predictable
Think of celver ways on how you could convey the brand message to your logo. unSource:

You have to make sure that your logo tells a story and worth-watching. It doesn’t have to shout out what your brand is about, instead it should convey a message. For an instance, if your product is about towels, it doesn’t have to be about taking a bath. Rather, think of other activities whether indoor or outdoor wherein it could be used.

5. Create your own logo design process

Create a specific design process and avoid copying from others. Source:

It is important that you should create your own logo design process and don’t just imitate from others. You have to understand that this is the hardest part – you begin the design process. Experience is usually the key factor when creating a specific process for your own logo design.

6. Utilize Online Tools And Software

Make use of online logo maker tools or software to make the design process easier. Source:

Technology has brought many things to reality such as software and online tools which could help you in creating your logo. There are various logo maker and creation tools or software that you can take advantage of. In connection to this, you have to learn how to use if first by reading and watching the products’ tutorials. Once you have already learned the fundamentals of these tools you can go ahead and digitize your logo design and review your work.


Logo design needs time, effort and patience at the same time. Contemplating on these tips can help you deliver a creative and timeless logo. Aside from the above mentioned, additional tips include: don’t expect instant success from your work. All iconic logos did not gain popularity overnight, but it took them time before they can achieve their goal which is to draw the public’s attention. A customized logo design is more preferable than stock images and edited/altered icons from famous brands. Simplicity and uniqueness is the key and you should take note of that. Start designing your logo now and let the world know about your business!

Do you have any logo design tips? Share it in the comments.


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