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The Importance of Anchor Text in SEO Strategy

Today’s modernization and continuous increase in technology make the internet an essential guide for every person. It results in a silent battle against content creators of websites as the competition for a better ranking rises. They are using different strategic procedures to maintain their contents as one of the tops research engines. Adding anchor text is one effective and proven way to excel and boost your content. Every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit must consider anchor text as essential for their work. Most business websites know that using anchor text creates link building resulting in a great chance of seeing their pages in the research engines. 

What is Anchor Text?

By the word itself, it is a text that anchors two different locations on the internet together. You can jump from one landing page to another after clicking the anchor text. It is the only visible part of the link on a page, commonly called link title or link table.

It can be recognized because it is usually underlined with few clickable words, primarily colored in blue (or any preferred color). These words became the keywords and must serve as guides that must describe the referred link correctly.

It is essential to be precise and consistent in your anchor text because search engines begin to strictly monitor a few words you choose to have a link and how relevant you use them in your content and how you use them in your surrounding texts. It would be best to avoid over-optimized anchor text to make your content firm and reliable, free from spam. It may not be straightforward at some technical points, but it would be easy to finally apply and understand this pointer with the proper knowledge about the basics.

Types of Anchor Text

You can see different specific types of anchors on the web. Here are some classifications of these texts that you need to know to create an excellent SEO for not suspicious and spammy websites.

  1. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

In this case, no actual anchor text is used. Instead, a naked URL is the only visible on a page. This type of anchor is not usually recommended due to its lacking SEO benefits to sites. Reach out to a web admin to help you change your way and to enhance your website development.

  1. Zero or Generic Anchor Text

These kinds of texts are entirely unrelated to the linked page itself. Random words are used, such as read this, click here- implying deficiencies and redundancy. This type of method doesn’t raise the value of your site either.

  1. Exact Match Anchor Text

It is the most appropriate type of anchor to excel in SEO ranking. Exact core keywords are used in a target page and are usually improved by localized factors. It is straightforward, creating a substantial impact that adds credibility to SEO websites. However, be cautious in using exact match anchors repeatedly to avoid restrictions from search engines. Put some varieties to your content to make it look more natural and pleasing for researchers to seek.

  1. Partial/ Phrase Match Anchor Text

This type of anchor also includes the exact keyword for the page only without using any localization. It is also used to cover up for long-tail keywords to make it more precise and straightforward.

  1. Branded Anchor Text

These anchors include the brand name of the page. They can also appear with a keyword-relevant to the brand name.

  1. Hybrid Anchor Texts

These anchors are implied to emphasize both branded and non-branded keywords that still give importance to the website.

  1. Other types of anchors

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords can also be recognized as a form of anchor texts. They were defined as indirect variations and exactly described a target phrase, or in some cases, anchor texts can be the author’s name or the article’s title tag itself.

Above all of these mentioned types of anchor texts, proper content evaluation is advisable to determine the right keywords that best benefit the website. They must be relevant to the brand name and must be based on the metric contributions of their algorithms. They must also show what the page is genuinely implying and what answers they could query- proving to search engines that the page is resourceful and helpful to intended readers.

These reminded creators to mainly focus on behavioral factors, on-page factors, and off-page factors- including the quality and number of backlinks and the number and quality of referring domains and anchors. 

Always prioritize the quality of your work by choosing your anchor texts with extra caution and diversifying them as possible. Add a link for related parts of the sentence naturally and avoid using exact-match anchors to avoid spammy content.

The presence of your on-page links affects the overall SEO quality of your website. It would be best if you linked your work to high-quality websites to sustain the credibility of your content. To be more precise, you will be seen as spam also if you link your work to spammy sites. You should ensure that you’re not using particular anchors extensively and always make sure to keep on track for upcoming anchors so you can think of possible actions that will leave a significant impact on your work. 

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