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Instagram Marketing: Tips To Grow Your Sales Through Instagram

Sales in the e-commerce platform have reached a level of success, and that has happened majorly because of social media networks’ involvement especially in the e-businesses. Marketing is not an unclimbable peak of the mountain anymore as we got a surplus of resources and platforms to make it happen. Facebook and Instagram marketing are two leaders to this online marketing society, especially for the e-commerce industry.

Marketing on Instagram

The promotional facilities are ample in a count. Or we can say that social media have numerous ways to market the content. Instagram is one of the leading social media networks in terms of marketing as well, along with Facebook as a leader to this. Instagram marketing strategies include several promotional dimensions with different packages which can fit your requirements and targets.

  • In the case of Instagram, we have a handful of ways to promote the content, as-
  • – A 24-hour display story with relevant hashtags to give it a higher reach, and
  • – Paid promotions, to give that content a boost for a certain period of time.
  • – Embedding a post it to the website, to make it a shoppable post and whatnot.

Raising sales through social media is not a honeycomb maze anymore. Instagram alone is open to the market with some more strategical ways to raise sales. But has some requirements that are even easier than solving a moderate level of a puzzle.

Readout some tips and requirements to grow sales through Instagram marketing strategies.

1. Get a public or business account

To grow in sales with Instagram would ask you for a public account very first. As marketing is impossible unless you have an account that is reachable for others. An open account opens a lot of possibilities to represent and promote your content, and so for the sales as well.

Instagram feed

Moreover, turning your public account to a  business one would rather transform your account and make look professional having multifold of options available for marketing now in it. Use of #hashtags or any promotional tactic would be worth only when your account is public or business, not otherwise. Thus, so as to grow higher with the help of Instagram, the very first step you should take is to turn your Instagram account public or business and then to proceed further.

2. Use Instagram Commercial Options

Post turning your account into a public or business one, now it is time to explore what options Instagram does serve to turn the content(post) viral.

To reach the maximum number of accounts, Instagram offers multiple organic methods as well as the paid ones. As far as the commercial(paid) methods are concerned, Instagram has promotions that are of ‘higher the amount, larger the reach’ criteria.  Means, the dearer you pay, the higher the reach for a particular post will be. Note that, you will only get to perform the post promotions and story promotions after you turn your account into a public or business one.

Additional benefits of having a business account-

It allows daily, weekly as well as monthly insights of your traffic for the promoted post. Instagram provides a nice insight dashboard telling us several things at one glance only-

  • The number of new accounts reached.
    The number of profile visits through that promoted post (redirection rate).
    The total number of times that post is been viewed.
    From where the traffic has come from (major cities).
    The age group and its proportion
    The time of maximum engagement
    The day of maximum engagement

Another method to market your content is embedding, which itself has two ways to get it done. Check out the first one-

3. Embed your Instagram on your Website

Embedding a single post only or a complete feed to your website is possible through several means of embedding. Embedding is an option that is provided by Instagram itself as well.

embed Instagram

But Instagram is the one, which allows self embedment for one post only. This feature is described ahead in this article. However, the method of embedment is not limited to Instagram embedding only, as it allows other social media networks too, to get embedded with a website.

There are multiple tools that help in embedding the Instagram widget into a website, so as to increase user engagement and so the sales. Apart from that, they also reduce the number of steps for purchase, hence making a product easily and quickly shoppable for a customer as well as sellable for an online-vendor.

4. Instagram Shoppable Post

Multiple tools are available in the market which can convert your Instagram post into a shoppable post by tagging the relevant website link into it and can redirect the user straight to the payment page.

embed Instagram

By minimizing the user’s shopping hustle, these tools make the content shoppable and raise e-commerce sales high.

5. Own Embedding Options

Instagram itself provides an option to embed your post to your business website so as to make it shoppable but there is a limitation with this feature of Instagram. Instagram’s own embed option is not accessible with its mobile application. It is available in the website format only.

Secondly, the option is only to embed the single post but not all or multiple at once unlike the tools like Taggbox or Grahamsnaps does.  The tools allow constructing a feed on your choice of categories, by using hashtags or places or by mentioning any specific account.

Note that, such tools fetch the content only from the public or business accounts. Hence, keeping an open account is a must.


Instagram’s marketing strategies are yet remaining to be explored a lot but everything is not to be written as a text sometimes as to see the impact on user’s marketing results and the set of mind would be rather better than writing everything here with all the details.

There are a lot of tiny features that are inbuilt of Instagram only with a marketing perspective. And are better to use and experience.

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I’m Anne Griffin and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends. Being a Digital marketer myself, One incredible piece of advice I would give to my peers in this field is that Instagram marketing strategies are most crucial for the growth of your business in the social media landscape.
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