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Social Media: A Modern Lead Generation Tool For Businesses

Social media is truly a modern tool for service enhancement and it can be a gold mine for your leads. Social media lead generation is the need of the hour! Even companies cannot overlook the importance of social platforms where most of the customers connect to enjoy business service forming a virtual connection. The best place for lead generation is a platform that has most customer visits, which is why social media is so significant.

Before we talk on how social media can help in lead generation, lets’ talk what leads are:

Leads are potential customers who show interest in the business service and the process where the in-house agents connect to these prospects through calls, emails or texts for assistance regarding business functions is the process of lead generation. Business agents connect to the prospect leads and try to influence them towards the business service. Thereafter, the sales department takes on the leads and connect to the potential customer trying to influence them towards the business service.

Why is this lead important? What is the importance of lead generation on social media?

Well, leads assure boosted ROI and augmented sales for the business, which is why it is of supreme importance. These leads later turn as the loyal customers bring in more leads.

Further, lead generation through social media is significant because every social platform has a plethora of customers looking for efficient services and lead generation on such a platform can get business loyal customers. Since firms get the feasibility to connect to numerous audiences on social media, lead generation here is essential.

Here we team up the tactics used by social media platforms for lead generation, and the ways social platforms are the best tools for augmenting business sales, check out:

Sharing links to restricted content

Social media can be used as an amazing tool to augment business sales. In this process, advertising plays a crucial role. Social platforms can help your business share links to gated content through which the business can extract customer information.

Restricted content has informative data hidden behind a virtual gate, where the interested customer is asked to provide some personal information to access the content.

This helps to differentiate the negative lead from the positive ones. The positive leads that are interested in the business service will provide the information to access the content through social media. However, the negative lead will subsequently leave the gate for some other information.

Social media helps businesses get a platform where they can connect to potential customers easily. Getting along a huge mass of audience to advertise business service is hard otherwise, which is why social platforms are vital.


Social media has several strategies to generate leads and running contests is one of them. Contests can grab the customers’ attention when it seems valuable enough to participate. If you want to generate leads or grab the potential customer’s interest, contesting contests is a good idea.

The contest has to be specific to the potential customers’ interest so that they end up enjoying the service and thereafter become business loyalists. The business can use social media strategically for the contest so that it influences the customer to win with the competition. If the customer feels the business service to be excellent and amid an affordable budget, they will certainly become business loyal partners.

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Offer a good contest prize to influence the customer to take your service once. Social media is the best place where you can connect to numerous customers, and is the best medium to advertise business functions.

Companies need to offer splendid services, so that the customers’, who indulge in contests for just enjoying or for the sake of contests’ prize, actually land up becoming business loyals. When prospects successfully become a business partner, the lead generation process succeeds.

Social media advertising

To boost leads or to generate more leads, social media advertising plays a key role. Social advertising can collect leads of potential customers. When the highly specific target audience is contacted for gated content promotion, it saves huge cost of the business. This is because the potential leads will always end up buying the service, so advertising to them is beneficial.

To boosts social media advertising for lead generation, some specific tools can be helpful. Using these tools, your business social platform can bring excellent results to lead generation.

Facebook lead ads:

Facebook lead ads
Facebook lead ads

This ad format helps your potential customer connect with the business without leaving the social platform. Like if your customer is using Facebook, she/he does not have to leave the app to connect to the business service.

Maybe the customer would not look at the business service if she/he gets directed to another platform. Thus, such tools help boost advertising and increase customer reach.

Facebook lead ads utilize the user’s contact to populate the lead form. Within two or three clicks, the expected customer connects to the business. It is recommended to ask limited information so that the customer does not run away refusing to provide all details.

LinkedIn lead ads

linkedIn lead ads
linkedIn lead ads

Social platforms are a great place to gather customer information. LinkedIn lead ads help businesses get to their focused prospect through their LinkedIn profiles.

These ads ask people to choose options rather filling forms, which makes it easily accessible. LinkedIn has customers that connect for job title, company connection, co-workers and therefore remember to choose a platform that suits your business requirements.

A person on LinkedIn will avoid watching an ad for cloth promotion. Therefore, choose a platform strategically.

The use of webinar, live video, etc.

Webinars, handout, and live video are not new to social media. However, its use for lead generation is amazing. Same as gated content, gated videos, and gated webinars can help generate leads.

The interested customer will surely provide the required information to access her/his interest in specific information. Google+ and live videos on social channels also help to augment lead generation.

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Videos can be used as gated content where the potential customer is asked to register her/his information before accessing the video. Alternately, generate leads by opening the video to numerous audience where the viewers are directed towards offers, contests, and other tools that can influence them to choose the business service. This way, social platforms can strategically be your business lead generation partner.

Using a geotargeted search

Geotargeted search helps businesses find their appropriate leads through social channels. It helps to reach a positive prospect and invite her/him to use the business service or gives the customer a special offer for lead generation form.

Ways to geotarget the prospects’ search:

  • Hootlet Chrome Extension.
  • Hootsuite etc.

Targeted social media listening

Social media is undoubtedly the best tool for lead generation. Using targeted social media listening, social channels help the business monitor essential keywords.

With this facility, social channels give access to uncover customer interactions about the business-specific product/service with other counterparts.  If your business offers the same service, it can reach the prospect that is searching the same service by making a connection. With amazing connection formats, social media is therefore termed as the best modern tool to augment business processes.

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