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Social Media Trends This 2015

Speculations are all over the web about the exciting almost-to-end year of 2014. Predictions are being made as to what will be the trends for the next year’s SEO. We know the great change in the organic optimization. In fact, it’s been its identity to be in a constant change, along with its repetitive nature of work.

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In the aspect of social media, what do you expect will hit this coming year of 2015? Well, Facebook’s just surprised us with its three newest tools for content marketers in paving an easy way of sharing content to better connect with their target audience. But other than that, here are five most anticipated.

5 Most Anticipated Social Media Trends

1. Personalized Social Account

Businesses want it. Personalized social media makes connecting with users better. Social media companies typically operate with user IDs. Users log into their service, often stay logged in, and frequently across devices. This method allows advertisers to move toward an approach of targeting, messaging, and measuring people, as mentioned by Max Kalehoff, senior vice president of marketing for SocialCode. It also allows advertisers to determine an effective way of reaching their target audience; whether using tablet or desktop.

2. Additional Metrics

Monitoring is important to measure the progress of a campaign so this coming 2015, keep an eye on new metrics that will leg up business goals like conversion, email acquisition, or retention. There might be several metrics to be introduced, but it’s good to be warned ahead of time to utilize only what works best.

3. More Sales Coming From Social Media

There will be more sales coming from social media sites this coming 2015. Marketers know that most people flock in social sites and most of them are active. It makes sense to leverage social channels to reach the 1.3 billion users of Facebook, 232 million users of Twitter, 100 million users of Instagram, and so on.

4. Social Media Be More Than Just Networks

What does it mean to be just a network? Kalehoff said, this 2015, social marketers will develop not just websites and apps that many people will visit and use in everyday life, but infrastructures that support messaging, targeting, and measuring users.

This means that social networks are somewhat trying to transform into digital platforms. Facebook for an instance. There are certain apps that directly connect with Facebook. Howevre, Kalehoff said that Facebook is also enabling advertisers to use its social graph, its profile database to reach people in other places.

5. Continues Being a Converged Media

The last two years have proven how the number of advertising methods has increased in social platforms. Networking sites are getting more diverse in terms of the different ad products that they offer. Visibility is one of the aims why it’s important to utilize the social media networks. But take note, though. It’s important to make sure content is being seen by the right people at the right time. Showing content to wrong audience won’t help to any campaign.

So there you have it. The five most anticipated social media trends this coming 2015. It would be appropriate to start developing strategies that will consider these trends. Be early and ahead of time. After all, early bird catches worm.

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