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Tips in Building Good Online Reputation

There’s a heavy cost for a bad online reputation. In fact, all businesses who weren’t able to manage their good online reputation went snagged. Same goes to you. If you keep neglecting the negative feedback and awful opinions of other people, you are likely losing your chance to become successful in the online marketing.

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Is Reputation Important?

Negative reviews , bad comments, horrid accusations, and slanderous or libelous remarks – name it! A company who receives those reputation-wrecking words is in grave danger. As much as optimization is concerned, one should focus not only on the visibility and traffic aspects of marketing, but also on it’s reputation. There must be an online reputation management.

So how does someone build a good online reputation management? Good question. Here are some important tips you should consider in doing it so.

Maintaining Reputation

You have a lot of resources to conduct your reputation management, but first things first: maintain your reputation.

1. Use Tracking Tools

Tracking tools can be very helpful to keep an eye on your online reputation. By using Google Alerts, Brandseye, Rankur, and SocialMention, you can easily track those negative feedback coming from your customers, or anyone who wish to pull you down in the business competition. Simply sign up, and configure in them, in a way that they’ll be able to send you reports, every time your brand is mentioned on the internet.

2. Embrace the Social Media

Social media channels have been a prominent place for users to shout out what’s in them to say. In fact, many of those statuses and tweets have a lot to do with company feedback. The activeness of users in these platforms is incomparable so if you wish not to miss any horrid accusation from someone, then it would be best to embrace the social media in hearing what your customers would say about your products and services.

Build Your Reputation NOW: Here’s How

Own Your SERP

It seems a great time celebrating your success when you see your site at the top of the page result in a query. But mind you, it’s not yet time to celebrate. Your ranking won’t stay that long if you stopped building good links. But losing your ranking is not the worse yet. The worst case is when your site has been outranked not by your competitor, but a hideous review about your company. It is hard to counteract this problem and you might hire an extra SEO company to do a double effort to help your retain your good SERP ranking.

The point is; don’t be contented of a handful links, but work harder to build more quality links to assure your good ranking on the SERP. This way, no bad review will make a scene by outranking you.


The social media channels are not only a good place to keep track of negative feedback, but also a good place to claim your brand name. Building your credibility on those sites will likely build your brand a bigger presence online. The best way to handle social media is to build your social media profiles and use them. And be sure to link all your social profiles altogether.


Posting content on blogs can lift up your online reputation. Make a purchase of a domain that includes your brand name and establish your good reputation by creating professional, positive information.


Someone once said: “A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity.” How much more if ten or hundreds of lies attack your reputation at once? Indeed, you will face a great downfall. You’ll lose not only your company, but your credible in the industry. So give time in building your good online reputation.

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