Reduce Your Stress: Read A Fiction Book

Books are the best as sometimes they are the best escape from reality. We get an endless source of history, humor, humanity, romance, fantasy, but right now, in these challenging times, books are so much more. They are a valuable tool to help and support our health and well-being.

Reading is truly amazing as it does not just educate us but also help our health. But more than that, did you know that reading a fiction book reduces stress? In a study at the University of Sussex, reading for 6 minutes reduced stress levels by 60%. Moreover, research has also found that reading fiction effectively reduces stress levels than listening to music, drinking tea, and walking. In fact, stress levels after reading have dropped by 68%.

You may not be able to move yourself to another time or place physically, but reading fiction can take your mind off the real world for a short time. No worries if you are not a regular reader – it only takes minutes to immerse yourself in a different world and reduce your stress levels.

While your brain is involved in the story, your heartbeat slows down, and your muscles relax. Because your brain has a lot of work to do, reading is a very effective way to concentrate your energy and improve your concentration. In addition to being good for stress relief, reading also improves emotional intelligence and likeability as it enters the minds and lives of the characters in the story. So if stress makes you feel a little hostile towards people, reading can help you be nice to others.

The best thing to read for stress relief is not to emphasize what to read and when to read. If you commute by public transport, pick up a book or read it first when you get home. Choose what you really like and what you feel happy and calm.

Below are the most popular genres in fiction:

1. Romance

Romance is a very popular genre among other genres in fiction. This is a huge category designed to entertain women. With elements of fantasy, love, naivety, adventure, romance, and the heroic lover always overcome incredible obstacles to be with his or her true love.

Many novels, especially Gothic novels, have easy-to-understand formulas. A brave man helps an inexperienced young girl who lives in a remote location after being threatened by an evil man. Other sub-genres include historical, contemporary, fantasy, and romantic plots.

This type of genre can be seen anywhere, even on online platforms like Wattpad or online novels, a romance is the number trending genre.

2. Science fiction/fantasy

Science fiction or fantasy novels presents a whole new world which is far from the world we live in. Distant worlds and futuristic technologies take readers away from here and now and reflect on contemporary themes.

Fictional, thoughtful, and otherworldly, this visual category is even more popular when the Star Wars and Star Trek movie series was released. Moreover, these genres can also be seen in Manga, web novels, and webtoons.

3. Mystery

The mystery is a popular genre with a large established audience. All mysteries are focused on crime, usually murder. The plot usually takes place around a smart detective man trying to solve a crime. And the climax usually comes to a leisurely end where all elements of the mystery are neatly put together for the reader. To its surprise, the solution is then offered to both the characters and the reader.

4. Horror

Filled with heart-wrenching fear, this popular genre inspires readers to turn the pages full of blood. From the author’s point of view, the defining feature is intended to scare readers by exploiting their fears, both conscious and subconscious: fear of supernatural forces, supernatural voyages, insanity, death, dissolution, and other horrific perceptions.

5. Action Adventure

The action-adventure genre is any story that puts the hero in physical danger, characterized by thrills and bold, daring adventures near misses, belongs to this genre. The pace of this genre is fast; the tension increases as the clock ticks. The climax always gives the reader some solace.

When you’re done reading, don’t stop there. Turn your reading experience into an exciting one. What did you think of the character? Did you have anything in common with them? If you are the main character, would you do something different from them? The most important thing to note is how you feel when you’re done. If you are less stressed, take more time to read.

Ready to start your day and feel much better after your reading sesh? Check your library, or buy an online novel. Make it the only thing you do is your time. Grab a book and make the most of your day!



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