What Makes a Good Tutor? Is It Student Academic Performance?

In the modern age of digital technology several things have become apparent, the number of students working with tutors is continuously growing and the characteristics of a good tutor become more and more apparent and noticeable, and these traits of what makes a good tutor are more known. 

Personalized tutoring takes a place in education that the schools can’t fill on their own. Tutoring programs are becoming more common in schools that use blended learning programs. More and more parents and educators are realizing that personalized tutoring makes the subjects and courses easier to learn, which puts tutoring closer to the heart of learning.  Today’s world is very distracted by technology. Some personal interaction through one-on-one online tuition Singapore where technology is integrated with effective learning techniques is exactly what students need most.

Several consistent factors make a good tutor, and these factors improve student academic performance and increase students’ productivity and growth.

Good Tutors Build Strong Personal Relationships 

Good tutors, in addition to filling in for teachers and parents, also have a unique role to support students in one-on-one personalized learning settings. Building a personal relationship with a student is the foundation of student success. The closer the student and the tutor are, the more the tutor can create trust and respect, which is the basic element of good student learning.

Good tutors listen and spend time building a personalized learning relationship with their students. When a personalized learning relationship has been built, a good tutor can truly personalize the learning without making the student feel uncomfortable because there is trust. A good tutor can relate subjects and courses to the student’s interests. A good tutor can also maximize the student’s strengths and work harder on the student’s weaknesses.

We’ve found that students were more likely to increase their homework completion and accuracy when they had a tutor who built a strong, personal relationship with them as well as set goals, used their weekly schedule, and improved their general study skills and organizational strategies.

Good Tutors Listen to and Communicate with Parents

Cooperation is important for success. When good tutors focus on setting goals, creating benchmarks, and planning backward, this sets the students up for good academic performance. Good tutors work with parents to create individualized learning plans that are designed to help students to become more successful and have better academic performance.

Good Tutors Have Expertise in Specific Subjects

A good tutor can make learning real, relevant, and rigorous. Good tutors are experts in their academic fields – they know the concepts, ideas, and problems of the subject inside out. 

Good tutors engage students more fully if they can turn school assignments into project-based activities and provide opportunities for real, hands-on work instead of abstract assignments or worksheets. Good tutors who know what students are interested in can put learning into a context that students are interested in and care about. Good tutors who make learning suitably rigorous and challenging enough, but not too challenging that those students get frustrated and stop trying, show visible growth in their students’ academic performance. 

Tutors who were content experts had improved their student’s academic performance as measured by grade improvement and improved standardized test scores. This is why it’s important that you have good tutors when it comes to specific subject fields like English tuition, Maths tuition, Chemistry Tuition Singapore, etc. 

Good Tutors Understand That They Aren’t the Only Ones Teaching

Good tutors understand that they also need to help students learn in the classroom. Teachers and parents see their students every day, so a tutor who works one-on-one with a student needs to respect how much learning is being done when he or she is not around.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, what makes a good tutor are the techniques that a good tutor uses that can maximize the potential of the student, which consequentially improves a student’s academic performance. But how good a tutor is, isn’t measured by the student’s performance, but rather, the process in which a student is being taught. Some students learn faster and some learn slower, the immediate improvements on academic performance may not always reflect how good a tutor is. Even a bad tutor who is teaching a prodigy may show immediate results in academic performance. 

This article highlights the common denominator of every good tutor, but keep in mind that methods may vary for each tutor, and if a tutor does not exhibit the traits stated above, it does not mean he or she is a bad tutor. That’s why you must trust your educators to handle the tutoring programs. Good tutoring programs like Sophia Education will determine and identify what works for your child and will cater to their needs for optimal setups to maximize effectiveness.

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