Reel Time: Timeless Romantic Tear-Jerker Movies That You Would Love To Watch

Romance movies have already been part of lives for over decades, whether you would admit it or not. For some, it has been the representation of their relationships and the circumstances they undergo in their lives. That is why whenever they watch romantic movies, they can’t help their selves not to cry over it. These movies have shed valuable lessons that help us see and understand what it really means to be in a relationship. The central point of the story is usually about unconditional love, sacrifices and choices that we make that affects the people around us, but the bottom line is about not giving up for the ones we love the most.

Movies that portray passion have touched the lives of many in a lot of ways. There are more to movies than what they seem to be and it is really hard to look for romantic movies that are worth watching. Movies way back are based on novels and directors do their best to capture what was written and portray it in film. Nowadays, there are a lot of flicks that are just rip-offs from old movies that is why it is less preferable. So now, here the top 10 romantic movies with a central story that made people weep.


#1 – Titanic

This love story that depicts the meaning of true love and sacrifice between Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Butaker is truly the best. These two met when Jack, a homeless artist saved Rose, a rich girl engaged to a millionaire, from jumping off the ship. A whirlwind love affair that was suddenly cut short after the ship struck to an iceberg and sunk into the sea.

“I’m the king of the world” scene on the deck of the ship. Source: www.amazonaws.com


#2 – The Notebook

Noah Calhoun, poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman, Allie Hamilton and gives her a sense of freedom from the world she lives in. They soon are separated by their social differences but got back together after several years. The end of their love story is tragically changed by Allie’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, but even that has no power over their love.

This scene won the Best Kiss Award. Source: www. celebuzz.com


#3 – Pretty Woman

Millionaire Edward played by Richard Gere, hires hooker Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, to be his escort for events while he’s on a business trip in L.A. Soon, they discovered the differences in their worlds are not a hindrance for their love to grow stronger for one another – this is a modern Cinderella story.

This movie won several Golden Globe Awards and Nominations including Best Performance by an Actress for Julia Roberts. Source: www.imdb.com


#4 – When Harry Met Sally

This romantic comedy movie’s story starts when Harry Burns and Sally Albright shared a share a long car ride from Chicago to New York City. Along the way, they discuss whether a man and a woman can be friends, without sex getting in the way. Concluding that they cannot be friends, they part ways upon their arrival. After 10 years they met again and found out that having sex with a friend is possible. After several conflicts, they got together again, fell in love and got married.

Harry and Sally met few years later and talked about their lives. Source: www.styleandshenanigans.com
Harry and Sally met few years later and talked about their lives. Source: www.styleandshenanigans.com


#5 – A Walk to Remember

Miracles do happen – it is what this story entails to all of us. Landon Carter is an aimless high school senior that got himself into trouble and met Jamie Sullivan while he was sanctioned for community service. They grew uncertainly closer than their previous oppositional relationship as old bonds are tested and new awareness are inspired. A heart-breaking secret was then told, it is then that Landon and Jamie realize the true meaning of love and fate.

A walk to remember
Sweet and special moment shared by Jamie and Landon while stargazing. They won the Choice Chemistry Award in 2002. Source: www.imdb.com


Now, tell me, who doesn’t love a great romantic film? Having this one said, these 5 romantic tear-jerker movies are undeniably the best stories that hit the film. Anyone who watches these movies would surely weep, not because of the sad story, but because of the love that overflows within the story. You can watch it over and over, yet you will never get tired.

If you have any other favorite romantic movies, please share your thoughts and comment below!



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