5 Gadgets from the Future That You Can Actually Buy

The Scoop: We are always hoping the future and what it can offer us by evolving and developing the abilities of our technologies. However, did you know that you can now avail some of the coolest technology? Maybe snag your own gadgets from the future as well!

Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace that sometimes you might want to think that time seems to just pass by you. There are plenty of innovative gadgets and inventions already launching all over the world.

Technology is the tool that we, humans, use to make our life easier and more manageable. The future is getting near and here is proof. What’s more, you will be able to buy them too!

Check out some gadgets from the future that are available in stores which you can actually buy.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Image is everything as the saying goes. Therefore, beauty is of important when you want to always look your best. However, getting to a dermatologist to get your skin and face checked can be too much effort as well as costly. Why not have your very own dermatologist at home? In your mirror? HiMirror is the mirror for you which can analyze your face and provide skincare recommendations.

Cost: €249.99 or $199

Sleep Well and Dream Big

Via Somnox

Sleeping sometimes doesn’t come easily to most of us. This is troubling since sleeping is an important aspect of living and regulates as well as refreshes the health of the person. Therefore, it is always a struggle with insomniacs. However, struggle no more. Somnox is a robotic pillow that functions as a sleep companion which provides the user a good night’s sleep by encouraging calming breaths as well as meditative music.

Cost: €499

The Irony of Ironing

Via Designboom

Ironing has never been fun. Other than the fact that you always have to face the hot surface of the iron and maybe get a burn or two, you just have to do it. Is it just me or it really cramps up your arm when ironing a whole tub of clothes? Effie is there to save the day! This machine lets you iron up to 12 garments in different types of materials with just a press of a button.

Cost: the early-bird price will be £699

Watch Your Steps

Smart Sock

Exercising is one of the essential elements that our body needs. Although it may not be the favorite activity that most want to do, maybe equipping some fancy smart socks to improve your exercise should do the trick? Smart socks function just like those famous fitness wristbands. These socks can help you count calories burned, tracks activities and even find the perfect running shoes for you.

Cost: $199.00

Eat Healthy and Count Calories


Another critical element to consider when you are exercising and/or losing weight is to watch what you eat. However, there is yet an app that can help us with that. There is no app yet but there is a technology that can solve that. CaloRieco is Panasonic’s vision for people who are watching what they eat. It looks and functions like an oven but instead of cooking food, it analyzes and calculates the calories of food placed inside. Pretty amazing!

CaloRieco is in a prototype stage though and let’s just hope that it will be coming to stores anytime soon.

Bring the Future Home

The development of technology is getting faster and faster with each passing day. And we all know what that means. It means that we will be expecting more and more technological innovations in the coming future. What’s exciting is that some, if not most, of these techs can be bought and tried at home and applied in our daily lives.

So what’s your favorite gadget of the future from the list?

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Featured Image: Fordiexr

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