Top 3 Must-Have Mobile Gaming Accessories

It’s not just about gaming consoles or PC games any longer. Nowadays, more and more people are obsessing over mobile gaming. And if you’re after playing your mobile games in the most comfortable and in the best way you can, it’s time to take a look at these 3 must-have mobile gaming accessories.

Treat yourself to an early holiday present in the form of the Gamesir G5 gamepad.

It’s the next generation gaming controller and the first gamepad designed for first and third-person shooting games, as well as MOBA games.

The GameSir G5 merges several revolutionary inventions: a surrounding button layout, a trackpad, and extra configurable buttons. With a design like this, the GameSir G5 brings out a brand-new control solution with your Android or iOS smartphone.

The gaming experience wouldn’t be complete without high-quality sound that will immerse you in your own gaming world.

Enter the Sennheiser GSP 300. These headphones are the ultimate upgrade for gamers.  It sports ultra comfortable memory foam ear pads to ensure high-quality audio. In addition, its broadcast-quality noise-cancelling microphones also make for useful gear, so you can chat while gaming, calling, and even casually audio recording. Perfect for those of you who fancy uploading ‘Let’s Plays’ on YouTube.

And last, but definitely not the least, no gamer wants hours of awesome gameplay disrupted by that dreaded low battery alert. Get ahead of that problem with AUKEY’s 20,000 mAh external battery. The slim design makes for great portability. But even with its thin casing, it has four power output ports for charging up to four devices at once.

Now that’s a massive must-have for hours and hours of gameplay.

And that was our 3 must-have mobile gaming accessories. Tell us your favorite mobile gaming accessory in the comments section below. And don’t forget to leave a like on this video if you enjoyed it. Tap that bell icon and subscribe to Scoopfed TV for future uploads and more awesome content. Thanks for watching! We’ll catch ya next time!

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