Technology Leaks: How Crazy is the Xiaomi Foldable Phone?

October 2018: when there were two months left to the departed year, we came out with an article talking about the most eye-catching smartphones that will hit the market late that year or this year, 2019. The biggest wonder on there was the rumored Samsung Galaxy F —  a perfectly foldable all-screen phone.
And if you thought that wasn’t bizarre and jaw-dropping enough, there’s been tech reports and leaks lately. They all involve the Xiaomi foldable phone.
Nothing’s official, at the moment, but if it’s as promising as all the leaks speculate it to be, then Samsung just might have some competition stewing in the metaphorical tech box — design-wise

A Little Backstory

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Everybody was off their rocker at the first sight of the foldable phone. And Samsung’s brand name was at the front of it all. A lot of tech geeks — like myself — can remember that Samsung showed off their foldable phone prototype during early November of 2018.
The prototype featured a wide primary display on the inside. And when it’s folded, there was also a secondary screen on the outside so you can still use the device when it’s folded closed.
But, the giant smartphone manufacturer isn’t alone though. Rumors have circulated that the company’s toughest competitors (Apple, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, and a handful of other China based OEMs etc) are also working on a foldable phone.
However, the newest leak that’s having every tech savvy person sitting at the edge of their seat involves the Xiaomi foldable phone. According to a lot of sources, it’s offering a design that’s probably more exciting than the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F.

The Xiaomi Foldable Phone Design

Evan Blass (@evleaks) shared this video on Twitter that was allegedly Xiaomi’s. So, let’s step back from the speculation for a moment. Let’s say that the tablet shown in the video is being designed and developed by Xiaomi.
The device features two hinges rather than one. And Xiaomi’s unnamed device is made of three parts. Based on the leaked video, it’s safe to assume that the main screen is the one at the middle, and the left and right sides fold backward albeit being screens as well.
When it’s folded, the middle section goes on to feature a curved edge. It’s very reminiscent of Samsung’s edge technology.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Speculation

However, despite the sudden hype it has aroused among excited tech crowds, Blass goes on to say it’s unclear. Whether the device shown in the video is legitimate, or not, we don’t know yet. And we’re not even a hundred percent sure that Xiaomi did make it.
What we do know, however, is that the three-part supposed Xiaomi foldable phone runs on an Android operating system, and that the featured language is Chinese.

The End Note

That being said, it’s still highly unclear when all these new awe-inspiring phones will hit store shelves (the alleged Xiaomi foldable phone, included).
But with all these tech conventions and events happening every so often, we know it won’t be long before the next big company just drops the bomb on us. It might even happen when we least expect it.
The real question is: Who’s going to produce the best design out of all of them?
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