4 Amazing Horror Movie-Inspired Video Games

The Scoop: We all know that game-inspired either fall short or fall desperately and utterly down the abyss of failure. However, what if the tables are turned? It seems that movie-inspired video games are faring better than the other way around. Check out these amazing horror movie-inspired video games!

We have been through the discussion where games are turned into movies. Well, some of them are good and the others are tolerable. However, you can’t deny that there has yet to be a video-game inspired movie that will satisfy the people who played the game that Hollywood.

Tables are turned and, surprisingly,

Slender: The Arrival

Slender Man
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Slenderman is inspired by The Blair Witch Project. Just like in the movie, Slenderman is the entity that haunts you, taunts you and stalks you in the woods. And just like the Blair Witch, you don’t know where she is but you sure know she knows where you are, ready for the right moment to kill. Being able to play instantly makes you feel like the filmmakers in the movie. Anticipating and alert, however, powerless they think of being able to escape.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

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This game is inspired by The Silence Of The Lambs and Se7en. Condemned is a hearty mix of the chilling thrill that Se7en gives you and the jarring horror that Silence of the Lambs can offer. This is a somewhat refreshing game that you doesn’t just let you shoot and run. You are also able to get your detective skills working by analyzing the deaths and solving what is happening. That and running away for your life when something scary pops up.


Via Steam

A spooky, abandoned house is already scary as it is. How about traversing an old, beat-up insane asylum that is not so abandoned? Going through the place at night with only your night vision goggles is already capable of sending goosebumps, then why not add some schizophrenic maniacs that made it their mission to kill you? Inspired by REC, The Shining and Session 9, you will definitely be sleeping during the day after.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th
Via Only Single Player

Everyone’s favorite killer can now be encountered in Friday the 13th: The Game. You will be able to experience the thrill of being chased by Jason and surviving from his killing intent. Although many questioned the legitimacy of the game, rest assured cause this is indeed legit. This is because Jason’s actor lent a hand in 3D modeling and motion-capturing for Jason in the game.

Get Spooked Out of  Your Socks

Even though video game-inspired movies are a hit and miss, you should still be thankful for such films for being able to inspire these game devs in creating these impressive` horror movie-inspired video games.

So what’s your favorite game based on horror movies?

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