Top 3 Fan Theories in Games that Made People Them in a New Light

The Scoop: Games are actually one of the sources of creativity, thanks to Minecraft. However, it is also one of the sources of intrigue, mystery, and critical thinking. How? In the form of how fans get to formulate their own theories on what the game is all about. Check out some of these fan theories in games that seems to enlighten you.

We all played games and there are plenty of factors that make up a great game. There are the beloved characters that get to make the players feel strong, powerful, and awesome. There are the villains that get to make you cry in agony or anger. The story of the game and plenty more.

However, another factor that makes games so irresistible is the intrigue and the mystery that it gives. There are some games out there that left out a few blanks here and there. That left a lot of players to fill in the gap themselves. This results in a hodgepodge of ideas and theories of what really happened with the game.

So without further ado, here are some fan theories in games that actually made the game more interesting than before.

You are a Heartless Jerk in Pokemon

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Pokemon is one of the games that and survived through generations. It is one of the timeless games in the gaming industry that still get to live to the now. However, you might be wondering why everything is not the same in Pokemon Red/Blue. Sure, it did surprise you finding your rival beat you to being a champion and thought what a jerk your rival is. However, can you handle the thought that you are actually the heartless jerk?

According to the theory, you might actually be the jerk that is responsible for your rival’s Raticate dying. He vows to defeat you and become the champion for his Raticate. However, what did you do? You kicked his butt. His grandfather reprimanded him for his failure while you get the praise from the Professor. What’s worse, his grandfather is all that he has left after you took his Raticate away. Apparently, you also took his grandfather away from him too.

No Sunshine and Rainbows in Animal Crossing

animal crossing
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Looks can be deceiving. Just because a game is made up of friendly, happy, and cute animals doesn’t mean that it’s all cupcakes and rainbows. You never know that this sweet and colorful game hides a deep and dark secret. The game actually imprisons the player in the “camp” and is being forced to slave away in order to pay off the things that were forced down your throat.

Not only that, it also shows cannibalism, deception, manipulation, and misdirection. Furthermore, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp got weird and creepy to the next level by imprisoning their villagers like it’s a fun thing to do. These kinds of things are not what you would expect to the all smiles and friendly animals in a colorful world of Animal Crossing.

Mario is Actually A Villain

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There are plenty of theories that swirled around Mario with every game that was released. However, just like in the game Braid, the game lets you think that you are the hero when you are actually the villain in the end. Unfortunately, in Mario, they are just theories. Very awesome game theories, though. One theory is that Mario is actually a bad guy.

You are actually invading the territory of the peaceful and defenseless mushroom people of the world. You might wonder why they are falling into their deaths when it comes to gaping holes in their world. Stupidity, maybe? However, did you even think that they are just clueless to defend their home that they offer themselves as a means to defend their home in the only manner they knew how? Right.

Enlightened Yet Seeking for More Answers

Keep in mind that these are only theories. These are the things that people came up with as a means of their own interpretation of the game. None of these theories are confirmed correct by the developers and we probably won’t ever know until the end of time. However, those secrets and intrigue are what keeps these games alive and kicking.

What other theories that you know of that you can share?

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