Prepare for Battle with Fortnite’s New Game Mode and Map!

The Scoop: Fortnite already hot on streamers and viewers, now it just turned up the heat higher! Prepare your best tactics and strategies because you are going to need it in Fortnite’s new game mode. A 20 vs. 20 vs. 20 vs. 20 vs. 20!

Fortnite is doing a pretty great job in giving their players temporary modes and their updates. This way they always give something new without wearing it out. Fortnite’s new game mode is a bit similar to the last mode that they added last year which is the 50 vs. 50.

Now the new game mode consists of five teams of 20 fighting to the death! Epic games also posted the trailer for the game mode on Twitter.


You can bet that the players are excitedly hyped about that judging by their reactions to the post.


Along with a few suggestions to make the game mode easier.


And some recruitment going on.


Other modes consist of Blitz mode where game rounds are shorter, a mode that makes start off with a smaller area on the map, less time between circles, and an upgraded version of the 50 vs. 50.

Additionally, the game also added a new map called Lucky Landing on the south coast of the map. So, find out what makes it Lucky for me, will you?

Is Your Squad Ready?

Don’t dawdle though. This new game mode is for a limited time only so you better try it out before it disappears in the game.

So have you gotten your squad ready yet?

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