5 Gamers Who Took Their Games Way Too Seriously

The Scoop: Games are one of the entertainments that people engage in more often than not. It can come in all genres and on all platforms. However, they all give the same result to the people who play it. Emotions. Meet some of the gamers who took their games too seriously and got too much into the emotion.

Games can be considered an addiction. Especially great and awesome games. People spend way too much time playing the day and night away on their consoles or computers. This is because of the fact that games are the gateway to a fictional world where they can escape the harsh truths of reality.

Whether those games have your favorite hero or its just plain amazing, sometimes you just can help with being dedicated to it. (I totally don’t dedicate my spare time researching Terraria just so this noob will be a non-noob).

However, there are just some people who take their games way too seriously.

Ataxius, Ataxas, Ataxus, Ataxxus, and Ataxa

Via Reddit

No, I don’t mean them of being as one team or in one guild. These characters are actually played by the same person all at once by multi-boxing. He also managed to snag all the achievements of each character. You can bet that it took years before this guy got to perfect the art of multi-boxing and becoming a master with all the characters simultaneously.

Unnamed Russian Man

fallout 4
Via Only Single Player

When playing video games, you lose track of time as the game seem to suck you into the virtual world. Reality becomes fantasy as the game begins to be your new reality. However, some people didn’t get to snap out of it just like a comatose person. That’s the story of this next gamer. A 28-year-old Russian man, sued Bethesda because their game, Fallout 4 was too addicting.

You may think that he just spent too much time in playing the game. However, this guy apparently got fired from his job from skipping work, ignored and lost his friends and even made his wife leave him. All because he couldn’t stop playing Fallout 4. Maybe it’s best that this guy remained unnamed because of how ridiculous he just led his life.


Via ComicBook

And yet another World of Warcraft player. If you think that leveling a character is a bit easy, then why not and challenge yourself by leveling more of your characters? You will probably sweat buckets and struggle to even get 20 of them maxed. However, Watola is a player that took that challenge to the extreme.

By achieving 100 characters at max level across two accounts in only 1200 days, Watola achieved that without multi-boxing or cheating. Just dedication. Sweat, blood, tears but most of all dedication. Check out his post here. And yes, I agree with the folks who get to comment. He really needs to get outside.

Japanese Guy Marries Video Game

love plus
Via Love Plus Wiki

Let’s face it, those dating simulations are never good when it doesn’t poke at your romantic side. However, there is a guy out there who got his romantic bone more than a poke. It got pulled out along with his heart. Nene Anegasaki(the one on the right with the shoulder-length hair) is the lucky lady to tie the knot with her human flesh-and-blood Japanese husband.

The groom brought his DS and a copy of the game, Love Plus, with him to the church of Guam where his friends and family watch as the two of them were pronounced as husband and digital wife. This gamer may have taken the dating simulation too seriously but who knows? Maybe this will be our future? Falling in love with AIs and robots? Oh well, love is love, people.


Kingdom Hearts
Via Nerdist

Anyone who plays RPG knows the deal. You fight monsters, you grind a bit to get your character a few levels up to outlevel some of your enemies on the next level a bit before proceeding. However, some of us(me) are paranoid and wanted to make sure that we can defeat the enemies in the next level surely by doing more grinding. That is tedious, yes, but dealing one-hit to your enemies just feels so good.

However, this guy did more than that. AaroneousGaming spent 210 hours, which took a month-long(hey, he has a life outside of gaming compared to others), hitting Sora’s maximum level on the starting island in Kingdom Hearts. Yes, Destiny island. The one where you get to “test drive” the basics and not hit the max level. However, that is a very impressive feat. You are sure to deal those one-hits easily now.

Keep Calm and Chill, It’s Just A Game

I can sympathize with some of the players here. I have been playing games and even daydream them while at work. However, that is not enough for them to control life. Games exist to give players entertainment that will accompany them during their spare time. If it’s ruining your life, then that’s not a game anymore.

In the end, only you, and you alone, get to control whether you make games your friends or the demons that will destroy your life. Keep calm and chill because it’s just a game, a temporary world that gives temporary happiness to fuel ourselves for the real world.

So what do you think about these gamers who took their games too seriously? Share some experiences if you have them as well!

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