Get Ready for the Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro Soon!

The Scoop: The PlayStation Fever is on! With God of War ready to launch in just a few months, Sony announced that they will also be releasing a limited edition God of War PS4 Pro!

For God of War fans that are patiently waiting for the reboot, there’s news for you! Since this is the first new game in the series after five years, it is no wonder that Sony is celebrating its release with a bang.

God of War is exclusive to the PS4 console, so fans that don’t have a console for it yet, more news for you! Sony is launching an exclusive limited edition God of War PS4 bundle along with the game. On the 20th of April, you will be able to avail it at a price of $400 in the US and $500 in Canada. Additionally, you can also pre-order it now.


God of War Themed PS4

Via Sony

The God of War bundle will consist of a God of War-themed PS4 Pro console with matching Leviathan Gray DualShock wireless controller, a physical copy of the game plus some digital content. Admit it, that console looks so cool! Not to mention that the price is just like the price of the regular PS4 Pro console without a game.

Imagine playing one of the best heroes using a matching console? Very awesome!

So are you getting ready for both the game and the console?

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Featured Image: PlayStation

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