How These Games Let You Know That You Cheated

The Scoop: Games are a source of entertainment that can give you fun and frustration at times. However, cheating is never far when one is too frustrated to even consider in finishing the game. Unfortunately, some game developers don’t like that and want you to know. Check how these games let you know that you cheated.

Everything can be cheated nowadays. Your relationship, your identity, and, of course, your games. Unlike the other two, cheating in games is not really that bad. Especially since games like Grand Theft Auto are more enjoyable to play when there are cheats.

You even heard the famous and legendary Konami code right? It is even featured in Wreck-it-Ralph. Yes, these cheats can be pretty something and can give you plenty of lives, easter eggs, and more.

However, some games just aren’t having that and wanted their games to be cheat-free. Here are some of the games that let you know what a cheat you are while playing games.

Metal Gear Solid V

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Although this may not be a cheat, if you want to make everything easy for you, then it kind of is in the long run, anyways. The game enables you to make it super easy to finish without the enemies knowing where you are on the level. However, in exchange for that immense power, Snake will have to wear the chicken hat for the entire level. I think this is how the game tells you that you are too chicken to handle it? Harsh, but its the price of immense invisibility.


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If Konami has their “universal” code, Doom also has some. Although unlike Konami, using Doom cheat codes in Heretic is far from easter eggs, extra lives, and awesome weapons. If you put in the code IDKFA, the game will tell you that you don’t deserve those weapons. However, if you type in IDDQD, your character will commit suicide and a message will say that you are trying to cheat and death is your prize. This will make you second- guess your decision on cheating next time or not.


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If you think that Undertale already has more than its fair share of trolling and a bucket load of tear-jerking moments, that wasn’t all. Other than the usual endings: Pacifist, Genocide and plenty of unique Neutral endings, the game’s creator, Toby Fox, knows the players will do more snooping. Thus the dirty hacker ending that you can only get when you hack and cheat into the game. You can do this by actually accessing the game codes and changing them. You can’t get away though because two game characters know everything.

Game Dev Tycoon

game dev
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Another form of cheating that doesn’t involve inputting codes into the console and wait for the magic to happen. Game piracy is, unfortunately, getting common nowadays and this leaves game developers in a stump. However, some manage to teach those pirates a lesson just like how Game Dev Tycoon taught their pirates. It starts off like a normal game and when you finally get to grow your business, people pirating your game will leave you bankrupt. Clever, game devs. Well played.

To Cheat Or Not to Cheat

Sometimes cheating can be a fun way to unlock and see something new that puts some spice in the usual gameplay. However, too much cheating can make the game less fun. This is especially true when you are cheating to make yourself overpowered. The thrill is gone and you’ll get bored of the game.

There is a time to cheat and a time not to. It all depends when you cheat for fun or when you cheat on your gain. Bear in mind to respect the game developers and your fellow players in online games before you decide to cheat.

So what other games have you played that prevented you from cheating?

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