5 Plot Twists in Video Games You Never Expected

The Scoop: Plot twists is what makes stories irresistible. Who doesn’t love a good plot twist that will knock them off their socks? Remember that unforgettable and plot twist where the iconic line, “No, I am your father” is born? Well, these plot twists in video games will also give you something you never expected.

One of the greatest media that serves us the most delicious plot twists are movies. Even though they lack the brilliance in turning games into movies they shine like the brightest stars in giving us the shock of our lives.

However, video games have a certain charm to them and ability that makes it easy for them to turn the tables and make a game based on movies. Surely, if they can pull that, they can also produce mind-blowing plot twists.

Without any further ado, here are some of the most notable plot twists in video games you never saw it coming.

Note: Beware of spoiler alerts in this article! If you want to play or planning to play the following games, we already warned you.

Beaten to the Punch: Pokémon Red & Blue

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Who could love these adorable and fearsome creatures that you sometimes wonder what’s it like when they’re real. heading back to the game, playing it, admittedly, is a tough job since you need a lot of grinding and fighting to get your Pokémon levels up. You nailed them all and even nailed the Elite Four as well as Lance good. But wait! Your rival beat you to the punch and you have to defeat him with half-conscious Pokémon! Wait, what?! You barely took a rest and now this?!

The Bittersweet Betrayal: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Lance Vance is the charismatic, not to mention colorful character, in GTA: Vice City. And if you are with that cool, charismatic, and colorful guy, it’s hard to not like him. However, as your gameplay goes deeper into the story, you will receive the biggest shock of your life. By being betrayed by the one you call a friend that even your character, Tommy, is reeling over that. Sure, the guy got what he deserved but we all know that insecurity, jealousy, and mistrust can do that to most of us.

A Baby’s Love: Super Metroid

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Super Metroid is one of the early video games that get to successfully craft an enchanting storyline without compromising the flow of the game. After getting into a series of fights, Samus comes face to face with an adult Metroid that was actually the one she spared in Metroid II where it thought Samus was its mother. When facing the Mother Brain, players didn’t expect the Metroid to come back and defend you, sacrificing itself for your safety. The plot twist in this game can certainly tear-jerking.

It’s Not Your Usual Fairytale: Braid

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You might think that Braid is just another puzzle game that you have to do in order to save the Princess. The usual “save the damsel in distress kind.” However, as the longer you play and the nearer you are at the end, you suddenly get slapped in the face with a huge “No, you are thinking this all wrong.” In the end, you will just realize that you are the bad guy and the Princess is actually trying to escape from you. Okay, that is a new and surprising plot, indeed.

You Actually Have No Purpose: Dead Space

dead space
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Love is one of the most powerful motivation that one can get. If you truly love someone, you will go through everything. Monsters, big bosses, giants, clowns, their father, and every scary thing that you can imagine. However, what would you feel if the one you are fighting for is already gone? In Dead Space, the ending is very trippy and many believe that Nicole is really dead while you are just lead to believe she’s alive just to set the Marker free. That is one plot twist that will leave you depressed and still reeling after that scare.

You Never Saw Those Coming

Even though not much plot twist exists in video games, some of those can already last you a lifetime. What makes a great game? A lot. And having a great story with impressive plot twists is just one of them. There are plenty of games out there and many more on the way. You can bet that we will be meeting more of these kinds of games sooner rather than later.

So what’s your favorite game that surprised you good with its plot twist?

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