5 Ways You Can Use the Power of the Konami Code

The Scoop: You might already know about the famous Konami code?  Apparently, it already exists even before it went popular because of Contra. However, do you know those? Find out how you can use the power of the Konami Code other than for Contra.

Konami’s famous code that goes: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A made it through history and will still live on in the future. It has also been featured in video game-themed movies like Wreck-it-Ralph, playing a key role in the movie.

The Konami code first appeared and used in 1986’s Gradius. Ever since after that, the Konami code has become a fixture for most games. It is also used in many ways such as unlocking Easter eggs, cheat, or simply wanting to witness something silly.

Here are some other uses that you use the power of the Konami code to enjoy.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

tony hawk
Via Retro Game Age

One of the exciting things to look forward to when playing games is to unlock and get to use new characters. Either each character have their own set of skills and advantages or they just look cool, new characters rock. Using the Konami code in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, you will be able to unlock Spiderman! Enjoy showing you’re the best in the neighborhood while rail grinding.

Gradius III

Via YouTube

Since it appeared and was made with the first Gradius, Gradius III is up next then, right? You can get away and finally beat the game because of those extra lives. Well, guess what, you thought wrong. Putting in the Konami code in Gradius III actually kills you instantly. That’ll teach you a lesson in cheating games.

3D Worldrunner

3D worldrunner
Via Emuparadise

If you want something that doesn’t affect the gameplay whatsoever and just have the plain, old Easter Egg funnies, try the Konami code NES’ 3D Worldrunner. It’ll then tell you “I AM NOT KONAMI.” That’s how famous the code is that even rivals know players will try it on their games.



Who says that the Konami code is only applicable to games? Websites such as BuzzfeedKuppiya, Geek and Hype and Wired are some of the sites that contributed to giving the people a treat from using the code. Here is a screenshot I got when you try the famous Konami code on their website. A shocked dinosaur that gets to skitter away after a moment.

The Bank of Canada


And who said that government sites such as The Bank of Canada couldn’t use the Konami code? No one. So here they are, using the code while featuring their new $10 banknote. People who get to use the code while on this page will receive a sight that will rain down cash on the cash along with Canada’s national anthem. Check it out for yourself.

The Power of the Konami Code

The role of games is becoming an essential part of people’s lives. The components of what makes a game such the codes are just the tip of the iceberg that get to influence us. The Konami code is just one of the many things that get to give people’s lives something to live by.

So what other ways you know where to use the Konami code? Share some of them in the comments.

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