Top 3 Simple Things that Can Ruin Great Video Games

The Scoop: Video games are good because there are plenty of elements that contribute to its success. However, there are times when a successful game’s sequel horribly fails. These small and simple things that can ruin great video games.

Video games are like movies. There are successful releases and there are flops. There are also times when a video game becomes successful only to be disappointed with the sequel. This will leave you crying on the inside(even on the outside)as well as your wallet.

You might notice from comparing the latest game from the previous that the changes were a bit subtle. However, those changes are the cause of the downfall of some video games.

Here are some of the little things that can possibly ruin great video games.

“Game Buddies” Might Be Dead Weight

god of war
Via Game Rant

Having some companions in-game powered by Artificial Intelligence before you get to switch to and from them is okay. However, there comes a time that you won’t be able to concentrate on your tasks in the game because of them. I have my fair share of game buddies, especially in Skyrim,(I’m looking at you Lydia) and found that going solo is sometimes the best.

God of War is launching this April and even though the trailer was great and everything, something is niggling at the back of your mind. It may be time to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Kratos’ son. Will Atreus be dead weight or will he be able to annoy the players by getting into danger that you have to haul his butt back to your side?(And I mean you as well, Lydia).

Over-Sexualizing Character Designs

Soul Calibur
Via Polygon

Well, so much for empowering women. Soulcalibur VI showcases a very “unique” way to portray women in the eyes of men. This is not new news in the gaming industry where women’s armor is considered to be showing as much skin as possible to be able to protect it.

Despite being the first Soulcalibur game to release after six years, this might be one of the reasons why this long-awaited game can turn off people. Hey, even girls play this kind of games nowadays and those armors are beyond non-realistic. Let’s just hope that the game is to “celebrating body confidence and sexuality” and not just attracting certain male audiences.

Too Much Product Placements

Kingdom Hearts
Via Kingdom Hearts

Sure, product placements are also one of the things that can keep the cash coming. It is in the movies; it is in the TV shows, it is almost everywhere. However, there is a thing called “too much.” It’s true that games and game development is neither cheap nor easy but too much product placement is just ridiculous.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the renowned Final Fantasy game but also received some complaints because of too much product placements. Product placements are not bad. However, before placing those, they should consider the theme of the game. Can you imagine real-life and modern things in Skyrim or Legend of Zelda? Here’s to hoping the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III won’t be stuffed with too much of them again.

It’s the Little Things that Matter

A lot of people appreciate games from the small details that game developers are incorporating. Whether it is from a buddy system or the product placement, there will always be people who get to notice every bit of the game.

Therefore, these little things matter when it comes to a video game’s success or failure.

So what simple details do you think that can ruin great video games?

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Featured Image: Polygon

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