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The UX and UI Design for Real Multiplayer Racing Mobile Game

On the development stand-point, mobile app UI design is usually considered as the most critical part of the app development process. It is mainly associated with the utility of the digital product.

To inspire you in your mobile UI/UX design process, this blog will show you the UI/UX design flow for the Real Multiplayer Racing mobile game app. So, let’s continue to explore the process of Real Multiplayer Racing mobile app UI.

The Project

A UI design for a mobile racing game.

The Process

Mobile UI refers to the design of the on-screen game layout and the appearance of interface elements on the screen. Great UI allows users to quickly find the information they are looking for.

These are the few basic and must-mention features of the effective mobile game UI design.

Player Info Screen

The basic profile, tutorials, leaderboards, bonuses and data on progress.

Pre-Game Screen

Characters selection, weapons, vehicles, routes, and locations.

Game Start Screens

The actual game streaming

Game Over Screens

Data about the result of the game level.

Game interface designers must keep in mind that players aren’t in a mood to spend too much time chasing unclear navigation. Players want to get right to the game process. Therefore, game UI must be pleasant and straightforward.

There is another challenge that designers face while designing mobile game UI: comparing to the computer and video games, designers are required to design with lesser screen space.

Real Multiplayer Racing was assigned to Ludmila Shevchenko for designing the interface. Let’s deep dive to explore the creative flow.

UX Design

Whether we design a business, utility, or an educational app, the UI design process always starts with UX wireframing. It is the stage where the designer places the foundation for navigation and interactions.
Wireframes are the underlying representation of the skeletal structure of a mobile application. Wireframes are a part of the iterative process but they are not considered as the final design.

At its simplest, we can say that wireframes in the mobile app shape the relationship between different elements to create a mobile application.

Mobile game UI design necessarily requires the wireframe stage to be designed in the way it is intended to be. Below you can get a glance at a few of the screens for the Real Racing game.

The first screen is representing the game screen layout with a CTA button where users being told to start the game. Once users start playing the game, they will find a button that will connect them to other users’ invitations for starting the race together.

The top section of the screen, displaying the game’s basic data including, fuel bar, number of coins, vehicle shop, and notifications.

Similarly, you can see that the bottom part of the screen is showing access to settings and leaderboards.
Now let’s take a look at the second screen. It is representing the process for car selection. The small arrows on the screen are sliders, showing information about a particular car, when swiped left or right. Users can also select their preferred color by tapping the select button.

UX Design

The final and the third screen is displaying the option “challenge friends.” As the name suggests, it’s a multiplayer game where players can compete for the race with other players. The screen layout is showcasing the players’ card, indicating how many of them are ready to play.

The designer continues working on the UI design stage, as soon as all the interactions agreed upon and tested.

UI Design

When a designer starts working on the UI solutions, he took start from color scheme options to get an idea which color relates best to the client’s vision of the game style. Designers provided the client with two different options.

One option involved the warm color palette that included orange and red, symbols of speed and fun. The other option contained cold colors like blue. The cold shades are also considered as the user’s favorite colors.

The graphic design assets in the mobile application also designed from scratch. These graphic elements include the diversity of vehicles, signs, weapons, and obstacles. The designer gives a fresh and original touch to the gaming app with these elements.

UI Design

Warm colors concept

Warm colors concept

Cold colors concept

Between these two core color palette options, the client liked the cold colors palate concept but wanted a night visual vision for the races. Therefore, the next version of the UI added the cold colors based on the dark color scheme.

The second iteration eventually brought a suitable emotional appeal along with the required atmosphere and gave a perfect visual perception of the graphics. The colored tracks for the selected cars gave the feeling of beaming reflections on the night road. Take a glance at a few of the screens here.

Cold colors concept

There are multiple buttons available on the presented screen. The designer utilized different colors for each button so that the players can easily distinguish between all the options. The major element of the interface is the button connected to the start of the game. The major button is contrasting with the other secondary options plus, available icons are also designed in a way that is perfectly matching with other graphic elements.

One more thing to mention was the background of the various screens that included a few diagonal lines, making it visually associated with the racing tracks. Since it is a racing game and on the screen above, you can see the flow of the UI design process that is showing the layout for multiplayer mode, challenging other players for a game.

Cold car colors concepts

The above screen tutorial showing users the process of car selection. The sliders make it easy for the players to swipe and quickly find new car models, colors, and features. You can see the screen where the designer uses a mix color background.

The cars are showing on a plain white background, and their related information and controls are displaying on the dark color background. It is creating a powerful contrast and separating the content properly on the screen.

car racing concept

Above is showing the final pre-play stage for the multiplayer game. The result screen is representing a progress bar in the middle of the screen. The result screen also has an option to share result that enables players to share their game progress on social networks that will also grow awareness about the app. Also, fonts are good and contain high readability.

driver challenges

Here comes the leaderboards screen where players get the idea about the performance of other players. The screen also enables gamers to invite the leading players for starting the game right there.

fuse car ball concept

In this article, we have mentioned every detail of the Real Multiplayer Racing UX and UI design. We hope that now you have understood some basic approaches to attention to detail. For every UX and UI design, it is important to consider style, navigation, and transitions. The combination of these factors plays a critical role in designing a well-designed UX and UI.

About the Author:

Rameez Ramzan is an Assistant Manager – Digital Marketing at Cubix, a Washington based renowned mobile game development company. He specializes in paid marketing, SEO and SMM and site audits to help sites perform better.

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