4 Video Game Moments You Look Forward to That Didn’t Happen

The Scoop: If you think that expectation versus reality is not affecting the gaming industry, think again. Getting games buzzworthy is what makes game companies money the moment it is launched. However, there are just some promises that were never kept. Here are some video game moments you look forward to that didn’t happen.

Business is sometimes dirty and cheating is the norm sometimes. By cheating, it is making the people think that the expectation is the reality even when it’s not.

Blame it on marketing or what but sometimes, it is inevitable that the ones game companies are showing on their game updates such as trailers doesn’t exist in the game. It may be one of their marketing skits or they just wanted to hype players to get more sales, who knows.

However, check out some video game moments you look forward to that didn’t happen or it shouldn’t even be there in the first place.

Where is Bigfoot?

Via GTA Myths Wiki

You haven’t played Grand Theft Auto right unless you experienced looking for Bigfoot. UFOs and Leatherface were fairly common assumptions on what lies in the mysterious Back O’ Beyond. However, the biggest deception that ever graced GTA was the existence of Bigfoot in the game. And before you say anything or even try to hunt the countrysides at night in the game, Bigfoot isn’t real. At least in GTA, it isn’t. If you want a Bigfoot though, handy-dandy mods are there for you. However, as far as vanilla GTA goes, there will be no Bigfoot for you.

Clickbait Master Chief

master chief
Via Halo Waypoint

Many diehard fans have considered Halo 4 to be disastrous and the company needed something big to repair that and quick. They seem to settle with Master Chief being labeled as a convict and being hunted down because of something he did. Spartan Locke is a newcomer made to hunt him down.

That piqued every player’s curiosity, of course. Would Master Chief dare to betray UNSC, whatever he did, it was big and controversial. In the end, it turns out to be a big disappointment with the company over exaggerating things like those clickbait titles on the internet.

Everything You Thought About Mass Effect 3’s Ending

mass effect 3
Via Reddit

Mass Effect 3 has left a great impression on their players with the ending that they developed for the game. After playing and dedicating many hours in the three games, you are excited and a bit apprehensive to know what the consequences that your choices have affected the universe. However, getting to the finale of Mass Effect 3’s ending dashed all hopes of knowing that because of pre-determined endings. All those hours for static endings? No thanks. This is also one of the endings that game companies change due to player feedback.

Wanna Play As Solid Snake? Apparently Not

Via josephinekazuki – DeviantArt

Everyone loves Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Everyone wants to play as him and be Solid Snake. However, it seems Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid creator, has other ideas. He duped and trolled his players to make a point that the game revolves around war, combat, the woe of society and many more. Not only that you get to experience it in the game but you also get to experience it in real life. Sure, it took players by surprise and they felt cheated but its Hideo Kojima. Who would want to stay mad at the guy?

Sometimes Things Aren’t Meant to Be

There is a reason for everything. Whether these video game moments didn’t happen because companies want to attract more people than necessary, to prove a point, a joke from other people or whatever, the disappointment still hurt.

However, this just means that these games mean a lot to be able to get this kind of reaction from their players. It’s doubtful that there won’t be any more of this in the future though. Until these kinds of stunts die, you just have to brace yourself.

So what moment you were looking forward to but got cut down?

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