10 Little Things That Make You Appreciate Life More

Although life’s best moments involve graduations, weddings, and stories involving success, the little things can be as amazing. The little things are usually forgotten, but we can all agree that experiencing these moments is enough to render you to thank your creator that you’re alive and kicking in this world.

Here are some of these moments which will make you value and love life more:

1. New Bed Sheets


After a nice bath, you settle in for the night, only to find out that someone had replaced your old sheets for fresher ones. The feeling of smelling the clean perfumed fabric is euphoric, and enough to put you in the arms of the gods of sleep. Remember that you should change your sheets on a weekly basis, all in the grounds of hygiene…and your quality of sleep.

2. Eureka Moments

And you will be like these kids.

Whether you’re taking an exam or slaving off because of a work-related dilemma, eureka moments can make your heart happily skip a beat. Formulating a solution,beating a game, and putting the pieces together can render you to run out of the bathtub and exclaim Archimedes’ famous words.

3. Realizing That You Can Oversleep and Take Siestas

A part of me wishes to become a rich person's cat in my next I can sleep whenever I want.
A part of me wishes to become a rich person’s cat in my next life…so I can sleep whenever I want.

When we were kids, we all hated afternoon naps but nowadays, they are like blessings. This is so if you’re in college or working. Realizing that you can actually wake up late or sleep in the afternoon with NO CONSEQUENCE is a “pump fist” and a “hell yeah” moment. Sometimes, all you need is a snooze to love and appreciate life.

4. Getting a “You’re Cured” from a Doctor

Regardless if it’s something petty like a cold or as life-threatening as cancer, getting a nod and a “you’re cured” from a doctor feels like a dead weight has been released from your chest. The realization that your life is back to normal is amazing.

5. Seeing Your Order Carried by a Waiter


Especially if you’re raring to chow down on an eight ounce medium rare Angus beef steak. The first bite also tastes like ambrosia on earth.

6. Cleaning Your Ears with Q-Tips

You shouldn’t insert and rub your ears’ interior with Q-tips. However, this is often ignored simply because it dishes out a sensual, ticklish, and satisfying feeling. It gives a whole new context and meaning to the slang term “eargasm”.

7. Waking Up Refreshed on a Monday


Mondays are the worst, but remember, setting a positive tone is a must if you want the rest of your week to go smoothly. Waking up without feeling drowsy and actually looking forward to the rest of the day – and week – screams of positivity, a healthy lifestyle, no shadows under the eyes, and an amazing week ahead.

8. Playing with Bubble Wrap

The joy of popping bubble wrap is unparalleled. You could spend minutes – or even hours – popping the little plastic pockets of air. Have fun!

9. The Second You Realize Your Work is Over


Regardless if it’s a research paper or a presentation, the feeling you get seconds after finishing the final draft is comparable to sleeping beside a handful of kittens.

10. There’s Hope


This can range from something as serious as battling a disease or something as minor as receiving a passing grade.

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