3 Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Job Promotion As An Introvert

Most of us have a dream to climb up the career ladder and some are lucky enough to already have started but for introverts, getting a promotion in a job is a struggle. This is why when you finally achieve that sought-after promotion, you have to prepare for it.

For introverts, getting that coveted promotion is difficult but it is even more difficult to stay committed to a high position since you may be required to go out of your comfort zone to fulfill your obligations. So when you finally got the position you want, you should prepare yourself for new job commitments.

Here are some tips that will help career-driven introverts prepare themselves for promotion.

Recognize That Your Introverted Skills Have Taken You To A Higher Level

Gone are the days when introversion is treated with peculiarity. Do not treat your introverted characteristics as a diagnosis. But rather consider them as your unique personalities and skills that distinguish you from others. And these personalities and skills are the ones that helped to be where you are now.

For example, your deeper conversation with other people allows you to see things in a different picture. Your choice to be with a smaller group of people allows you to work behind the limelight. Thus, you are not driven to work just because you want to please others but because you want to prove something for yourself.

Whatever you do in your new job position, do it not for other people but for yourself. It is easier to do things when you think that you will benefit from it the most.

Learn To Communicate With You Subordinates Without Changing Yourself

According to statistics, 85% of success lies in one’s ability to communicate with others and only 15% in technical skills and knowledge.

Most people may think that having a good communication skill is only a skill for extroverts. But not quite, while extroverts are usually the ones that initiate a conversation, it doesn’t mean that introverts are not good at communicating with other people.

Without forcing yourself to be an extrovert, you can initiate a good communication with your subordinates. All it takes is your ability to find the right timing. Communicate with your members in times you are comfortable.  You can’t avoid meetings and talks in your career but you can organize them in times you are comfortable like in social events and talks with your colleagues where you can sense the feeling of oneness among your colleagues. In times that you cannot avoid emergency meetings in your workplace, talk when you have to and set boundaries so you can stay quiet and not overwhelm yourself.

Moreover, when you see people who are more likely have the same attitude as you have when socializing, foster relationships with them. It will be less daunting in your workplace when there are other people who know where you are coming from and likewise, you are also helping them.

Don’t Overwork, Give Yourself Some Private Time

Your new job can be exhausting and it can be more draining when you are surrounded by other people who are not like you. So whenever possible, give yourself some private time. There is nothing wrong with finding some solitude after your hard work. Besides, solitude can give you time to think better and creatively.

Don’t think that your private time affects how others perceive you as a coworker because everyone has their own right for some personal time. Make the best of your time. You can always go for a hike with selected friends and express your frustrations to the mountains. No one will judge you and you only have nature as a witness. Likewise, growing a garden will give you that refresh and relaxing feeling. You can direct your energy to other things you can enjoy alone.

Gardening gives you the feeling of serenity which you may not feel in your workplace and it is easy to start. You can start an herb garden in your apartment and give time to de-stress yourself.

Other ways to give yourself some “me” time are;

  • Go for a solo walk
  • Disconnect with technology
  • Read a book
  • Go for a peaceful drive
  • Have a vacation on peaceful places where no one knows you.

Giving yourself a private time is a part of stress-management. Having some “me” time does not only help you to de-stress but it also gives us a chance to develop mindfulness which is useful both in your workplace and personal life.

So when you feel like are going to burst out, take some time off. Detached yourself from the noisy world and find the state of relaxation. This can help you deal with your new job and your coworkers and subordinates easier and less stressful.

Last Words

Few people may believe that introverts can make it on top of their career ladder, but it is not impossible. Our journey maybe a little bit more difficult compared to others. But it does not mean we cannot achieve our career goals and we don’t need to change who we are to be successful. We just need a little preparation and we are ready to take on our career as an introvert.

Besides, it is who we are that have taken us to where we are now.

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