How to Choose the Best Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

If you are a physician or a permanent doctor looking for another career to experience new things and acquire a new skill, then the locum tenens is right for you. More than 40,000 physicians employ as locum tenens every year, and most find their work through a locum tenens agency.

As there are hundreds of staffing agencies, many will ask what makes them different or how to choose the right one. From small businesses to large corporations, every local agency has strengths and weaknesses, which is important to consider.

Thus, the question arises of helping doctors choose the right choice for them. It goes beyond finding a nice locum tenens recruiter. Physicians should also assess the agency’s ability to find the right jobs in the right places, handling all the assignment’s important details.

Here are the simple tips for choosing a locum tenens agency:

1. Choose an approved agency.

It is highly recommended working with a dedicated staffing agency like, but the choice is yours. You can always find an agency that upholds industry standards.

An agency that is a member of NALTO (National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations) indicates that they uphold the highest standard of services outlined by an independent industry organization. Good standing with NALTO means this agency is reputable.

2. Excellent communication and service from the agency.

When you need assignments, interviews, negotiations, and final identification, you need constant contact with your local tenant recruiter. You can determine the recruitment commitment as long as it only provides you with important information and answers your questions. You should expect your provider and other agency staff to be available during the whole process and throughout your assignment.

3. The agency should take care of some details.

Always ask about important services, including contract negotiations, credentialing, travel, and accommodation, because not all agencies do this. If your chosen agency does these services, they are the premier partners you need for your new career.

Knowing too late that they are not doing accreditation or do not have the appropriate connections can seriously affect that placement. An agency that manages the transportation and living conditions for assignments means you can focus on care without worrying about finding accommodation.

4. Agency should take care of licensing and privileging.

One of the reasons that attract physicians to work as a locum tenens is they can travel. That means working in states or other countries where they have not yet been licensed. Reputable staffing agencies have teams that help physicians obtain government licenses and hospital privileges before accepting assignments.

5. Be discerning.

It seems that anyone can call themselves a recruiter, and that is why more firms are jumping to these locum tenens staffing. Therefore, it is important that you learn a thing or two about the staffing agency you are considering.

When you talk to agencies, ask how long they have been in business and who their customers are. If you can, request a list of their services and benefits, check how many local jobs they have available, and evaluate their professionalism level. Find those recruitments that are under your discipline. This is not a random option, as you are relying on this company to help you find your next job.

6. The agency should understand your specialty.

Those who try to do anything will surely succeed in doing nothing. Therefore, it is recommended that locum tenens should tell their expertise to their agency. One’s specialty may not apply to another.

A reliable and professional staffing agency understands the complexity of going to one career then to another. They know the right people for the right assignment.

7. Make sure the agency pays.

Recruiters can help you find a job, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for their services. Agencies should always be paid by the party in search of a doctor or a cutting edge specialist and not by you. If the agency asks you to pay for any kind of payment, it’s time to assess your decisions and find other agencies.


What is important here is that you need to find an agency that does its work as well as you do. Knowing what to look for can make it easier to determine if you have found an agency that is right for you, your needs, and your goals.

An agency’s goal should be to create a mutually beneficial match between you, as the locum tenens, and the employer. The best agencies will want to establish a relationship with you that can last for multiple assignments and contracts.

There should be no high-pressure. Instead, you should expect an ongoing effort from your agency to find an assignment that meets your current needs and helps you work toward other career goals.



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