Your Guide to Surviving Unwanted Office Incidents

The office is an amazing place because after all, it’s where you work and earn cold hard cash to feed yourself. Although it is usually associated with negative connotations (particularly in the media), its importance is probably next to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

However, the office is also a place of awkwardness and unwanted incidents: things may go awry if you’re not careful. Anyway, here’s a short guide which will help you out:

Don’t Touch the Thermostat

Do you want to start a war? Well, if you do, adjust the thermostat controls to your preference. If you’re working in a large office, these are inaccurate: your room might be chilly as the winter breeze while the other room might be as hot as the Panamanian sun.

When in the office come equipped with temperature stabilizing devices. Recommendation: a portable battery-run fan when it’s hot, and a jacket and a lip balm when it’s cold. Bear in mind the thermostat is like a red button inviting nuclear conflict.

Knock on Every Door

Before you enter a room, especially the bathroom and your boss’ quarters, be sure to knock or else you’ll see something totally awkward. If your office is a cubicle-filled one, also knock before assuming entry – a cubicle is like a personal space and anybody would be uncomfortable if you suddenly invaded.

Don’t Twist the Office Chairs

Ergonomically, office chairs are perfect – they are adjustable and you’re able to move freely while traversing around your desk. YOUR DESK. However, like almost everything in the office, the chairs are breakable and if you lean or twist it like a rubber band while seated, you’re most likely to find your backside on the floor. This is so regardless of your size and weight.


Keep All Electrical Wires close to the Wall

Computer wires can be pretty cumbersome, and are one of the main causes of office accidents. So, unless if you want to start a series of meetings with the human resource department and the coworker blaming your for setting a deathtrap near your cubicle, place your wires in a way that it “sticks” to the walls, thus putting it out of the way.

Keep pathways clear of obstructions and materials which can cause accidents. Be doubly wary and careful: you don’t want your negligence to be the cause of someone breaking their arm.

Wash Your Hands after Going to the Toilet

You would be surprised at the number of people who leave the office bathroom without even washing their hands. Regardless of your business inside the potty throne, it’s always best to practice proper, elementary hygiene your mother taught you: WASH YOUR HANDS unless if you want a bad outbreak of E. coli to occur, that is.

Take Care of the Office Furniture and Materials

Regardless if it’s custom made by a reputable company or simply bought from an office-supply store, your, take care of the furniture, for goodness’ sake. Certain offices offer amenities like microwaves and coffee machines, designed to make you and everyone else happy. Bear in mind that whatever is inside isn’t yours: it’s the company’s investment. It might be a little thing, so be sure to appreciate it.

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