Sleep and Health: 5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention

How much do you sleep at night?

According to research, it is imperative for us to get at least seven hours of sleep at night. Getting less than seven hours of sleep or more than nine hours could lead to various medical conditions that could greatly impact our health. At times, it could even lead to worse risks that could be a possible cause of death. This is why it is important for us all to get the right amount of sleep everyday. Given this, it reflects that sleep is plays a crucial role in keeping a healthy mind and body – and that’s without doubt.

We spend one thirds of our lives sleeping. After a long day at work, school or running errands, it feels great to relax and indulge in a sound slumber.

Sleep and health are interdependent with one another – which means that if one is compromised, the other will be greatly affected; if you achieve a good quality of snooze, apparently you’ll have a better well-being. However, more and more people are forgetting the real value of sleep and usually think that they can get away with it – when in fact, there’s no cheat sheet to it. In connection to this, experts suggest various tips on how to get better quality slumber to maintain your health. Aside from this, here are five reasons why you should deeply pay attention to sleep and health.


1. Avoid Health Risks

sleeping man
Too little sleep poses long-term health risks. Source:

Getting a good and sound sleep at night could help reduce the risks of getting diseases such as obesity, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Aside from that, it could also help build muscle and heal damage done to your cells and tissues. Given this, your body will have more energy when you are awake, especially when you are doing regular exercise.

2. Keep A Sharp Memory

Lack of sleep can drain your memory bank and even a string tied on your finger couldn’t help you remember. Source:

Lack of sleep has been linked to dullness in memory which is why you keep on forgetting things. This is why experts suggest that you should sleep at least seven hours a day in order to keep your memory sharp and help you think and learn better. When you sleep, you can strengthen memories that could aid in learning new skills or ideas.

3. Be Productive At Work

Woman asleep at computer
Do you want to be more productive at work? Then get a good quality sleep. Source:

Before you get yourself into trouble with your boss, start sleeping early and keep a regular sleep-wake cycle. Lack of sleep could slow you down and you often feel sleepy at work in which you can’t finish your tasks. Adequate sleep could help boost productivity at work, which is why you have to change your sleeping lifestyle and keep a good sleeping habit.

4. Fight Aging

Studies revealed that a good quality sleep could slow down aging process. Source:

Are you getting irritated by your premature wrinkles? Or is your skin getting saggy? If so, then you have to get ample amount of slumber at night. It is one of the natural remedies that could help fight the signs of aging. The experts from National Sleep Foundation revealed that, “our cells grow and repair while we sleep and our immune system is strengthened by sleep which helps slow the aging process” – totally makes sense.

5. Better Sex Life

If you wish to have a better sex life, then you should take sleep seriously. Source:

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Set it only for two things – sleep and sex. Experts say that couples who are sleep deprived commonly feels too tired to have sex which is why satisfaction is compromised. Aside from that, lack of sleep reduces libido and can lead to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. However, adequate amount of sleep, can increase testosterone levels which boosts sexual drive for both men and women.

Given all these points, it is paramount that you start changing your ways and thought towards sleep. Do what experts suggest and what they recommend such as: sleep hygiene, good sleeping habits and what foods should or shouldn’t you eat before bedtime. There are ways to sleep better and you just have to follow it – make it a daily habit. Soon enough, you’ll see the difference and you’ll even marvel on what the results would be, you’ll feel even more energized than you have ever been.

Though, don’t forget to combine it with exercise and a balanced diet. After all, everything will certainly be on your favor!

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