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The Aesthetic Instagram How-to: Remember POSE

“So, do you mind if I follow you on Instagram?”

Instagram fascinates the world, and it’s because of a very human reason.

People have a strange inclination to keep tabs on other people’s lives. Call it a guilty pleasure. Whether you want to admit to it or not, everybody has a curiosity itch they are all too eager to scratch. And there’s just something so fascinating about having the ability to see a fraction of a person’s life — ones that they are willing to share, of course.

Years ago, you probably wouldn’t have thought about documenting memorable aspects of your life. Or considered your normal social networking site as a platform for fame. But it’s 2018, and literally, anyone can be famous.

And Instagram can be your ticket to that fame.

The Attractive Feed

Your Instagram feed speaks volumes about your personality, your lifestyle choices, your dedication, and commitment. Some people might think it’s silly to devote so much time and planning to build the aesthetic-centric Instagram. But if a catchy and lovely feed is what you’re after, then you need more effort than just capturing a bunch of photos and slapping them on the internet.

Unless you’re already an A-list celebrity, don’t expect to have people flocking to your Instagram feed within minutes.

So before you start sharing snippets of your lifestyle, and building your very own Instagram empire, you’ll want to make sure your account looks better than that ragtag scrapbook you put together overnight to submit to your homeroom teacher the next morning.

To get you started on your road to Instagram success, take a look at these successful Instagrammers and their aesthetically pleasing feeds, and remember POSE.

Pay attention to your audience

The main driving force behind your Instagram success and fame is your audience. No factor is as important as this. They make or break your Instagram fame.

Today’s people are more attracted to visuals. An estimated 84% of communication is visual. Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. These kinds of statistics are more than enough to tell you that most of your would-be followers are more interested in your pictures than your captions.

81% of people only skim the content they read online. So, in all truth, it doesn’t matter if your caption is set to snatch everybody’s weave if the picture that goes with it isn’t eye-catching.

But that doesn’t mean messages and captions are to be undermined. It’s just that your images are what resonate first. It’s the magnet that will draw your audience in.

Instagram expert Kat Walters of @katwalters_ knows the importance of a visual connection between you and your audience, and she has this to say: “People will just not bother to read your captions if the images you’re using don’t look good. They will just scroll on past. If your images and account look great, well then your followers will read what you have to say.”


Organize your grid


Your Instagram feed is more than just your individual photos. When you look at the bigger picture, your Instagram posts tell a story. It talks about your life. You give your would-be followers a sneak-peek of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

An awesome grid layout is your Instagram bestie. It’s a powerful tool for creating a story in a very creative and innovative manner. Multi award-winning founder of the Plann app, Christy Laurence @Plannthat compiled 7 grid layouts you can try for your feed.


One painless method of grid organization is a consistent theme and color scheme — which brings us to the ‘S’ in POSE.

Stick to a theme and color scheme

And before you fret even further about advanced marketing strategies to grow your follower base, choose a theme and color scheme first. Other internet sources will agree that choosing a basic color palette and a recurring theme is one of the first steps to build an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.


It’s more than choosing recurring colors and a subject matter to incorporate in every photo though. Keep basic photography principles in mind. Stay true to your picture composition.


Again and again, successful Instagrammers reiterate the importance of consistency. It’s a difficult thing to keep doing, so the best way to go is to choose something you’re passionate about from the beginning. Work your way up from that.

Maybe you’d want to give your followers an inside look at your fascination for raw food, cars, puppets, whatever floats your boat. Whatever that will be, your commitment to your passion will guide you.

Edit Your Photos

With continuous improvement being done to smartphone cameras, taking professional-looking photographs with them isn’t an impossible feat. Gone are the days where you’re ashamed to tell people you take your photos with your phone.

There’s a rare instance where you capture moments flawlessly that editing seems unnecessary, but most of the time, skipping the editing process is a no-no.

Never underestimate the power of editing…


“Can you name one person on Instagram who doesn’t edit their photos?”

~Miquela @lilmiquela

When I think about editing photos on Instagram, those words spoken by Miquela, Instagram influencer, strike a chord. (She said that during her interview with YouTuber Shane Dawson.) Because she does have a point, doesn’t she?

Applying filters and creating composite images display your creativity and help build that aesthetic Instagram feed you were dreaming of. There are literally hundreds of photo editing apps available in your phone’s online store. Some might be better than others, but they all help your photos look good.

Be consistent in your use of filters. Edit every picture to fit your feed’s aesthetic, or get creative with composite images, it’s all up to you.


The Road to Instagram Fame

And as the final nail on the coffin, grow your followers with awesome Instagram stories and hashtags. Your Instagram stories provide the backstory of your Instagram feed. It’s a behind-the-scenes drip feed your dedicated followers won’t say ‘no’ to.

When you build your Instagram account and set it up for your road to Instagram fame, remember POSE.

Pull it all together. And with the right amount of dedication, commitment, and consistency, you’re all set for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed with a dash of the ‘wow’ factor.

Instagram is just the beginning. Hold a captivated audience with your vlogging. Keep an eye out for more interesting facts from Scoopfed.

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