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How to Utilize Machine Learning to Improve Your Marketing

The Scoop: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is running hot nowadays, making jobs and tasks easier to handle. Here’s how you can implement machine learning in your marketing strategy to improve your campaign.

We are in the era where technology is getting more and more advanced at a pace faster than we first imagined. The reaction that people have regarding it is mixed. Some are in awe, reveling in the wonders that various technologies can give us. While some are fearing about the possible threat that technology can provide us.

However, no one can deny that they indeed make our daily tasks faster, easier, and more manageable. Most especially, if you are in the marketing industry.

Machine learning is one of the technologies that can significantly boost the performance of your marketing strategy. It is one of the many approaches regarding implementing Artificial Intelligence(AI) in industries. However, this approach is more noteworthy compared to AI.

And here’s how you can utilize machine learning to enhance your marketing strategy.

Gain In-Depth User Insight

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Knowing your users’ likes and dislikes about your product is one of the most important factors when it comes to marketing. Artificial Intelligence is a marketers best friend to do such tasks easily.

However, machine learning proves to be more convenient and efficient by applying more advanced techniques to gain thorough insights. IBM’s Watson implements a tone analyzer, which can significantly assist you with customer feedback regarding your product.

Enhance Your Audience Segmentation

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Every marketer knows that they can’t cater to everybody. However, they can get only when they give the right product to the right people. Therefore, audience segmentation is essential when you want your personalization more effective.

Utilizing machine learning makes it easier for you to find out which of your audience is interested in a specific product to act accordingly.

Boost Pricing Strategy

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Prices really matter when it comes to marketing. It can’t be too high and it can’t be too low either. How you price your product can make or break your company.

With machine learning, you will be able to adjust your product prices accordingly to be able to keep up with consumer and economy demands. Machine learning can also predict pricing trends and suggest appropriate prices for your products.

Marketing All Over the World


One of the pain points of marketers and consumers is the language barriers. If you are a company that caters internationally, deploying your marketing in various language can be costly both in time and finances.

However, with the help of deep learning, machine learning’s subset, marketers can deliver their marketing strategies to all over the world.

Integrating a Chatbot Representative

Chatbots are not new news. They have been around for quite some time now. However, it has become popular nowadays since it can sound more human thanks to Natural Language Processing(NLP).

Gone were the days were it keeps on repeating the same dialogues all over again. Moreover, it also features abilities such as doing specific actions for the users such as ordering and paying for products without any help from admins.

Marketing with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence plays an essential role when it comes to improving the performance of your marketing strategy. In this day of rampant use of technology, you have to keep up to keep your business afloat. We are entering the era where Artificial Intelligence and its subsets are widely used in different industries.

AI has plenty of capabilities that man cannot do. On the other side of the coin, there are abilities that only man can do and technology can’t replicate. A balance of man and technology in a marketing strategy increases the chances of making it successful.

So what are your thoughts about machine learning’s abilities to marketing?

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