Common Business Principles That Is Not Quite True In Personal Life

Some people believe that those who have been successful in their respective business are also successful in real life. While there are some business values we can apply in our personal life, how we live our professional lives is not totally correlated to how we live our personal lives.

We’ve seen it in several movies — how a successful business person is struggling with his or her personal life. Truth is, there are some principles that work best in honing our professional career but oftentimes is not applicable in our personal lives.

Here are some common business’ principles we don’t have apply in our personal life.

You Need To Stay Relevant To Thrive

In a business world, you have to offer your industry something new to be competitive and to stay relevant. I’ve realized that it does not have to work that way all the time in real life. There are times when we need to detach ourselves from the world to find the inner peace.

At some point, life can be overwhelming. Unlike in business where we need to step up your game to remain competitive, sometimes we just need to take a break from the distractions of the busy and crowded world and find some time alone.

We don’t have to be significant in the eyes of others to be successful. What’s more important is our faith in ourselves — that even if others don’t see our worth, we are capable of doing things that we love and we want. That’s how we thrive and that’s how we achieve fulfillment in life.

Be Socially Active To Build Connection

Human personalities are divided into two. There are introverts and there are extroverts. We have different ways of communicating and creating a connection. Unlike in business, we don’t need to be socially active to build a genuine connection to people. Friends, families and other people in our support system is not measured through our social abilities, they are gained through sincere emotional connections such as trust, care and love.

Being socially active does not even guarantee us of professional success. Some of the world’s most famous personalities are actually introverts. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Christina Aguilera have been successful in life and career not because they are socially active, but because of their skills, talents and their overall personality.

Just because we are not fond of parties and talking to groups of people doesn’t mean we will be alone in life. There will always be people who will be there for us every step of the way; they will always be behind our back in every success and especially in failures. There will always be people who will believe in us and what we are capable of doing.

You Should Have A Plan In Every Action You Take

This may hold true for many aspects of business but when it comes to our personal lives, there are moments that you don’t need to have a plan and just jump in.  Famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs did not have any plan when they dropped out of college. But they hold on to their passion and aspirations and it brought them to success both in life and in their businesses.

I am not saying that we should all drop out of college to find success. But there are times that we just need to go with the flow. We don’t have to fight it; we don’t have to keep resisting. Sometimes without any plans at all — without thinking of the norm and without thinking about what other people may think — we have to follow what we want in our life and what can make us truly happy.

Last Words

Sometimes what makes us successful in our professional lives will not work in our personal lives.

We may be successful in our respective career, in business and professional life overall. But it does not sum up our personal life. What we believe could be best for our business, is not exactly what we need in our private life.

Our personal life is a different story. It is both complicated and simple. What we do is a reflection of what we will become. So let’s have a deep evaluation with our inner self. Perhaps, we just need to free ourselves from the standard in order to experience what life is in store for us.

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