5 Little Things In Children You Envy To Have Again

“Never grow up” – a famous quote from one of the most famous fairy tales of all time – Peter Pan. Who wouldn’t want that anyway? If it’s only possible, then all of us would certainly choose to be a child or stay young forever. Being a child is a certain point in life when all we know of is happiness, fun, adventure and play – a stage when pain and anger doesn’t normally come to surface. No matter how many times a kid feels hurt, after that it’s not impossible to carve a smile back on his/her face. Life as a child was not that complicated until we all grew up.

Riding a wagon with your little brother is one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it? I used to do it with my little brother and we imagine it as our personal car.

Years have passed and time brought changes to all of us – physically and emotionally. As we discover more about life, we drift so far away from innocence and blissfulness we had we were little.  However, at one point in time, we all wished to go back to those days. I know I did, how about you? Though it might not be easy to admit, along the ordeals that we stumble upon in our journey, there’s that moment when we envy children in a lot of unexpected ways. I’ve summed up the five major things that children possess which both you and I covet to have again.


1. Kids Can Play Almost Anytime They Want


What do we love most when we were kids? Playtime! It seems like it’s the only thing that we could do all day long and we are entitled to it. If you really want a toy, your parents would do their best to give it to you. They take you to the park where you’ll meet new friends; or go for a swimming and have a fun bike ride. However, as a responsible adult, we have to attend to our jobs and work hard to provide our needs that we no longer have enough time to have a break and play a little.

2. Finds Happiness In Simple Things


Do you still reminisce those times when a simple candy or toy could make you smile? I am certainly sure that you’d want it at this point in your life as well. Simple gestures and things already mean a lot to you and you appreciate it so much that you keep it. You see things in a different way and you are just happy sometimes without a reason. This is one thing that you should definitely envy to have. As you grow older, happiness seems to be one thing that you can’t easily grasp or get a hold of.  Why? It’s because you’re always looking for reasons why you should.

3. Forgiveness Comes Too Easy


When someone did something wrong that have offended or hurt you in any way, you cry over it and after a while, when that person confronts you and apologize, you just forgive them that easy. As a kid, it’s not that complicated to forgive others for whatever wrong things they do to you. If someone stole your toy or you fought over it, afterwards, you’ll end up playing together again. Certainly, you’d want to have it now, especially at times when things get a little out of hand. You don’t want to hold that grudge too long, right? Forgiveness is not easily done or given, but as a kid, it just comes easy.

4. The Magic Of Believing


You used to believe that everything will get better, didn’t you? Now, as you’ve already grown, that belief ceases to exist. Kids always believe in magic, love and surprises! That belief develops into happiness and innate trust towards those people who makes them believe into a particular thing especially in dreams. Negativity is not an issue among kids and they don’t suspect at all. In contrary, you are skeptical about things that go around you due to the fact that you have learned a lot through the years. It’s not a good feeling – after all, it’s a little off to always doubt even in yourself.

5. Worry-Free Life


What’s the best thing that a child has? It’s their worry-free life. They don’t bother if they get dirty, as long as they’re happy playing; not afraid to get hurt as long as they’ll learn something new; and they don’t worry too much if they fall on their knees, they just rise and stand on their feet again. They don’t even have any major problems in life but if they do have, they’re not afraid to look for an answer. Children don’t worry of what may happen tomorrow, instead, they’re living the lives as it should be lived today. You should learn how to keep things simple and less worries.


Well, yeah, it’s really great to be a kid! No matter how tough life gets, you shouldn’t let go of that kid within you. It doesn’t mean that as you age, you should always stick to the dogma of how you should act or become as the society suggests, instead, be a child sometimes – believe, be happy and don’t forget to play hard in as much as you work hard. At night, find ways to sleep better and face tomorrow with great enthusiasm and hope. If you truly desire to have these little things again in your life, you just have to decide – remember, it’s your choice to make after all; you just have to knock.

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