Getting Rid Of Stickiness In Your Home Steps

Cleaning your stairs is as easy as making your room neat and void of any impurities . You just wipe, vacuum and scrub the dirt off. This is to keep anyone from falling and tripping on with the debris. But there are instances. Instances wherein you have to make an extra effort in cleaning. And these situations happen when you have sticky wooden stairs.

Yes,this sticky wood problem will give you some hassle and trouble. You have to make it a point that you scrub and wipe every corner, every nook and every area you will encounter with each step. Follow these steps below to keep you going and kicking with this tricky procedure.

Things You’ll Need:

Mild Detergent

Baby Oil

3 Soft Rags


  • Inspect all the steps and corners in stairs. You should be able to spot the sticky and gooey part. Determining these portions will help you decide where to give attention in cleaning stair parts later on.
  • With a baby oil at hand, pour this liquid in a rag. Make sure that it is well-dampened so that you are able to apply oil with the sticky part of your wooden steps. The oil will get rid of the grime and grease pending in your stairs. If you are not yet satisfied with the first coating, then you also have the option of applying it again. But don’t overdo it. You might end up slipping accidentally with the steps.
  • As you pour and wipe the oil with the sticky portion of the steps, make it a point that the liquid will absorb itself within the confines of the wood component. Wait for 5 minutes until you pour and wipe the second batch of lubricant.
  • When you are done already, then you can proceed with the next step. Have a full bucket of warm water prepared for the step. Along with this, you should also keep in mind that you should bring along a mild detergent. Mix these two items together.
  • Wash the baby oil off using another rag. The latter must be dipped off with the warm water mixed with mild detergent. The rag must be dampened enough when you wipe away the oil off from the wood grain. Keep in mind that you have to be keen with this thing. Every nook, area and corner must be given aid and attention. Allstairs, an exclusive stair component manufacture shop, takes value with this thing. 
  • Using another rug, wipe off the excess water in the wood. The stroke must be in accordance and favor with the wood grain. Keeping a mental note of this detail will prevent your wooden steps from having scratches.

Tips and Warnings

  1. When polishing the steps, do not use wood paste. This alone could prompt any grime and dust from attaching in your stairs.
  2. While you’re doing the procedure, do not let your kids step on the unfinished part. They might slip and trip when they step on the lubricated portion of the stairs.
  3. To prevent the stickiness from coming again, you must do a weekly maintenance of your stairs. You can do it on weekends to give you more time in cleaning it.


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