Home Decoration Ideas For A Halloween-Themed Home

Halloween is just right in the corner. Most of you probably have already thought of the costume you would wear on the 31st of the month. Skulls, pumpkins, famous characters from horror and Halloween movies and lot more…these are all-time favorites. But as much as you are so excited of what costume you will wear, have you ever thought of dressing up your home as well?

It is time to bring the Halloween mood right into your home. Here are some home decoration tips you can do to make your home ready for Halloween.

Set The Mood With Orange And Black

halloween pillows
Photo credit:; Halloween Pillows

The orange and black color will set the Halloween mood in your house. Let these colors dominate your home. You can start by having black and orange pillows with autumn accents which make a good combination of Halloween-Autumn themed home.

If you have a contemporary modern house, this kind of decorations will a lot easier for you to pull-off. If you want to save, you can use these beautiful pillows all throughout the fall season.

Arrange You Decors Correctly

halloween designs focal point
Photo credit:; Spooky Interior Design

Arrange you Halloween decorations around the focal point of your house. With this, you can put emphasis to your spooky decors without over-decorating or spending too much. Determining the focal point in your home is simple. You focal point should be the first thing you see when entering the room. It could be an architectural feature, an artwork or anything that is visually appealing and could be considered as the best feature in your home.

When you have determined your focal point, enhance lighting to make it spooky and add other Halloween decorations around your focal point.

Don’t Forget Pumpkins

Witch Pumpkin Idea
Photo credit:; 13 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween will never be complete without pumpkins. Pumpkin is Halloween’s staple. But decorating your home with pumpkins is something that should be planned carefully. If you don’t want your house to be overloaded with pumpkins everywhere, you may want to know the right place to put them.

To start, create pumpkins with different sizes and put them beside your door steps, drawers and as a centerpiece in your tables. You can also create pumpkin designs of different characters like a scary chef, pumpkin scarecrow and black and white witch.

Use Spooky Shades

spooky window shade
Photo credit:; Indoor Halloween Décor

To add a more spooky effect in your indoors, you can also add spooky shades to your windows for Halloween. Cut a paper window shade to fit in your windows, preferably choose a color the suits other Halloween designs you use. You can then paste a cutoff of a Halloween design to your paper shades. Be creative as you can be.

Create A Ghostly Backyard

Backyard Decorations For Halloween
Photo credit:; Lighted Outdoor Decorations for Halloween

Do not forget your backyard when decorating for Halloween. Hang cut out bats in the twigs of plants. You can also display DIY haunted houses in different areas in your backyard such as in your garden and add a spooky effect with creative lighting.

Halloween is a fun celebration which both kids and adults really enjoy. With your home all dress up for the coming Halloween, your celebration will be even more fun. Try out these Halloween decoration ideas and give your Halloween a blast.

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