How Lingerie Can Enhance Every Aspect of Your Life

While lingerie has inspired a lot of women to embrace femininity (and their curves), it’s also garnered a negative reputation. Some believe it to be a waste of money; while others feel uncomfortable and constricted with the little lace beauties. But believe it or not, there’s more to lingerie than just being sexy.

This article doesn’t aim to make you change your mind. Whether you love or loathe lingerie, it can’t be denied that it has its benefits. And no, they’re not confined in the bedroom. Discover the many ways where lace and ribbons rock.

Lingerie + Fashion

See how Jen rocks the cami with a trench?

Have you ever thought of extending your wardrobe to include undergarments?

You don’t need a ‘significant other’ in order to wear frilly chemises. Flaunt your expensive collection and be ahead of the fashion game! Experts agree that when worn properly, lingerie not only looks super chic; they’re also comfortable and exude a fun, flirty personality. Just follow this general rule for your garters, bodysuits, and bras:

‘Downplay the sexiness. So if you’re wearing something sheer, pair it with a jacket, skinny jeans, and rocking heels.’


If you keep this simple guideline in mind, it’s possible to wear your favorite lace camisole anywhere – even to work! All you need are the right articles of clothing. For example: pair your lovely red lace balconette bra with a black button-down long –sleeved shirt, dress pants, and pointed gold shoes. Leave it unbuttoned at the top to let just a small peek show. Bustiers and corsets are another awesome option. These pieces are great for clubbing or during dates. To downplay their appeal, pick jeans, blazers or denim jackets, and heeled boots.

Lingerie + Love

Need to spice up your romantic relationship? Nothing a little lace can’t handle.

Many ladies (taken and single) has asked, if men do like seeing their loves in lingerie. The answer is a big YES! But unlike women who spend countless hours picking the right ensemble, what mean DO care about is the way you present yourself. That’s right: no matter what color, type, or fabric you bought, what matters to them is how you feel when you wear them. They’re looking for warmth, happiness, and enjoyment when they look at you.

‘So don’t obsess so much about what cami or bodysuit would your partner like best. Instead, focus on your body and which pieces would make you feel most like a supermodel.’

As much as men love seeing you put effort for them, it pays even more if you enjoyed doing it – just because you love being a woman.

Be smokin’ hot in your favorite comfy pair of knickers!

Lingerie + Fitness

Lingerie to lose weight? Sounds crazy – but it just might work!

Ever heard of the ‘selfie diet’? Some women have used it to achieve their ideal weight – and keep it off. The idea is simple enough: you take a current selfie, and use it as motivation, and eat/work your way into your desired shape. But have you thought about a lingerie picture to keep you motivated to maintain an active lifestyle? Probably not.

But a lot of women have used this to remain focused on their fitness goals. By seeing yourself (or your favorite lingerie), you can create a structured plan to encourage long-term fitness. Every woman wants to feel good, and look good. It’s not about being skinny or curvy; but all about what you think looks best on you. If you feel happy with your current size while wearing that special lace bodysuit, do your best to maintain that awesome physique! Eat healthy, stay active, and minimize stress.

Not only will the mirror reflect a gorgeous, confident star; you’ll look drop-dead hot in your undergarments, too!

Lingerie + YOU


The decision to wear gorgeous lingerie is completely up to you. But be assured that no matter which aspect of your life you wish to improve on, these little lace gems will be there to support you. Be it a better body image, or a way back to love, never underestimate the power a good pair of panties can do.


During times of stress or heartache, you can always count on a sexy camisole to bring a smile to your face.

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