How to Cultivate Your Child’s Confidence through Dancing

Self-confidence starts from an early age. Kids start to feel shame, pride and guilt as early as three years old.  And unlike adults, children are unable to express their feelings clearly. Most kids do not know how to talk about how they feel.

Almost all parents want to raise confident children. But they fail to nurture their child’s confidence at an early age. In child psychology, it is a known fact that over-protectiveness from parents may result to shy, inhibited and worrisome behavior to children. This is why as a parent you must cultivate your child’s confidence and teach them how to be strong individuals.

How Dancing Helps

cultivate confidence through dancing

Dancing like art is a healthy form of self-expression. It is a social activity that boosts physical alertness, happiness and trust to one’s own abilities.

The dance floor doesn’t only  boosts a child’s self-confidence.  It also increases her body and mind connection and gives her courage to face people.  The skills one learns in dancing can also be beneficial in real life. Children will learn how to work with teams,  follow rules, be creative,  and how it’s okay to make mistakes.

First-time dancers are often nervous and have this fear of looking awkward especially on stage. This is why braving the dance floor is a big accomplishment for first-time dancers and should be given credit no matter how small in form.

As a parent, you must nurture your child’s love for art, no matter what form even if it isn’t dancing. It can help you bond with them better and also you can see how well they improve with each class.


Things Parents Should Do at Their Daughter’s Dance Class

Ask Your Child

Are you sure your kid wants to sign up for that dance class? This is the most important question of all. First you must let kids be kids. Ask them first, if you know your child doesn’t really want to dance, then maybe she shouldn’t be in this dance class.

If however she agreed at home but got cold feet when you got in the dancing venue. Then talk to her. Kids need encouragement.  You shouldn’t be ever forceful when you ask her to do something for the first time. Talk to her, in a manner that’s not scolding or demanding. A child needs love, care and understanding. You must learn how to appreciate her talents and treasure her every work.

Celebrate Her Accomplishments

Reward her for every accomplishment done.  Make her feel that all her accomplishments are worth celebrating. Also, tell her that it’s okay to fail, get confused and feel lost sometimes. A child must be taught of these simple realities in life. Otherwise, she will take failures and loss really bad.

Don’t Scold Her If She’s Crying

Crying is a sign that your child is in distress. Scolding will only make the matter worse.  Children feel embarrassed as well, and to experience embarrassment at a young age can lead to low self-esteem

Don’t Treat Her Like A Baby 

Even if she’s still that little baby in your eyes, try not to cuddle her too much in public, or call her by her pet names. Although it is a sweet gesture, children sometimes feel embarrassed when parent’s do that. We need to treat them as little grownups that have complete control over their feelings.

Don’t Be Too Demanding

Don’t force her to learn things quickly; instead let her learn everything in her own pace so she could adapt to new changes in her life. Children are more likely to learn things quickly if they love what they do.

Signing up for a dance class might just be the best thing for your child. She doesn’t have to be good at it, she doesn’t have to become the best performer. What matters is you’ll be there for her, and you will see her smile as she perform…


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