Interior Decorating Ideas for Your Guest Bedroom

Your lovely home should be enjoyed not only by its residents but also by guests like your relatives and friends. Thus, you should put in the same amount of effort and creativity into decorating your guest bedroom as you would with the other rooms in your house. While your guests will not expect luxurious, five-star-hotel-level accommodations, you, of course, will want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

Ultimately, the goal is for your guest bedroom to offer not only the necessities, such as blankets and towels and a place for them to sleep, but also be decorated and furnished beautifully so as to make your guest’s stay more convenient and make him or her feel even more welcome.

Here are four design ideas that your guests will appreciate:


To ensure your guest does not feel out of place in your house, decorate the guest bedroom to be a warm and cozy sanctuary like a real, lived-in bedroom. Outfit the bed with a soft comforter and an abundance of pillows in different shapes and sizes, so it looks more inviting. Furnish the room with familiar items like sofas, nightstands, ottomans, coatracks, rugs, laundry baskets, bookshelves and lamps. For maximum coziness, keep the lighting warm or natural, and choose muted, relaxing colors, such as browns and blues. Also, display a diverse selection of interesting reads on your shelves and tables — nothing will make your guest feel more at home than curling up in bed with a good book for a late-night read.

Homey - Guest Bedroom


You can opt for a more minimalist look for your guest bedroom, especially if you want to give off the impression of the clean sleekness comparable to that of a hotel room.This popular style is rooted in simplicity and sparseness, evoking a timeless tranquility and neutrality, thus making it appealing to guests of varying age groups and backgrounds. Minimalism means less is more. Work with your white space and stick to a monochromatic color scheme, often neutral colors such as whites, beiges, and grays. Glass and metal surfaces can also contribute to the sleek and modern vibe. You only need a few choice standout items, with little pops of color, to decorate your guest bedroom. May it be a striking piece of wall art, some succulents or other potted plants, modern lighting fixtures, or a piece of antique furniture.

Minimalist - Guest Bedroom


If you want your guest to feel pampered and special, a Victorian-style guest bedroom is an interesting idea. Impress your guest with ornate vintage furniture that looks straight out of a fairy tale or a period drama. These lend a kind of rich history to the space. Add flourishes of gold or silver accents, rich fabrics and hues, lace and fringe trimmings, fleur de lis and other classic floral patterns, romantic paintings, intricate carvings, and other fine details. Your guest will feel like a royal VIP in this room.

Victorian - Guest Bedroom


Most people usually keep the design of their guest bedroom consistent with the general theme of their home, especially in terms of furniture and color scheme. But of course, decorating your guest bedroom is also an opportunity to let your own creativity run wild. Infuse your room with a vibrant personality by mixing and matching a bunch of different styles. You can also mix and match boho prints, colorful patterns, and unique textures, vintage items with modern ones. Fill the space with homemade crafts and/or display avant-garde artworks. The result will be a room that bursts with individuality. Your guest will love being welcomed into your personal sanctuary; plus, each item or design detail can be an excellent talking point.

Eclectic - Guest Bedroom

Brick Wall

A brick wall also can be taken in for the idea. A brick wall can be used in plenty of ways to complement your guest room. Just add one such wall in the room and look how it compliments your room. Even if there are few visual defects on the brick wall you needn’t paint it because it adds an extra beauty to it. You can place the head of your bed against the brick wall. This will bring it in focus or simply place a desk to delineate the work realm. You can also add in rustic accessories to add the charm to the wall.

Brick Wall - Guest Bedroom

The most important thing to remember when decorating your guest bedroom is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Design and furnish a room that they will not only enjoy and feel comfortable in, but also a room that will reflect well on you as a host.

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