Making Electronic Cigarettes the Best Props This Halloween

Halloween is now on its way and you’re sure to be preparing for the best trick you can have this horror holiday. When you are planning for something new and safe, you can have your electronic cigarettes as one of your best props.

Why people wear Halloween costumes?

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In some places like Europe, people are wearing scary costumes during the night because they believe that souls and bad spirits are rising and this is to protect themselves. This Holiday is from the old tradition of Pagan people. They had believed that the god of the dead released the spirit of the dead into the world of the living on the day of Halloween which is October 31. During the night, the people would gather around a bonfire and wearing animal costumes in order to be safe from the roaming spirits of the dead.

As the time goes on, some revisions were made and people even made this event enjoyable. In some places, this day is offered to the dead people who are coming back that is why, some are preparing foods for the dead. People today are wearing scary costumes for trick or treat. Some may even make this a competition or a way of enjoying the night by playing tricks to people and scare them. This Halloween, are you ready to scare somebody?

What is the best costume for Halloween?

This year, the worst costume you can have is the Ebola outfit. This is in fact the latest costume people may think of when the Halloween celebration comes. But you can still also use different costumes like fairy tale characters, super heroes, scary faces, zombies and anything you want to. You can even use your old costume last year and make some revisions with it.

How to make an electronic cigarette your prop?

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You can pretend to be a monster sipping a cigarette or tobacco. You cannot use real tobacco cigarette because it can be harmful to children and other secondhand smokers. The smoke like effect from your electronic cigarette can be a great addition to the fear you can give to your trick victims.

You can also remodel an electronic cigarette by designing it into an awesome and peculiar tobacco for a great effect. You can safely cover it with recyclable materials in order to make it more scary.

The emission of smoke from your electronic cigarette can be safer to people around you. It will look exactly like your real cigarettes because of the light you can find on the tip. You can now wear your monster costume and use your electronic cigarette to scare people at the night of the Halloween.

Halloween could be very great when you celebrate it with safety. You cannot put somebody into risk just because you only wanted to enjoy. You have also to think of the positive effect of every action you are doing. It is not that bad to use your electronic cigarette for some time in the Halloween. Besides, it will be for a night only. You cannot harm anybody and of course you have utilized the device into something useful and safe. Everybody will surely enjoy the Halloween night. Are you now excited? Start to make your best props now!

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