Rental Guide: Where Your Apartment Needs to Be

If you’re looking for a place to rent, you need to primarily consider where it is and what it’s surrounded with. In a pie graph of rental priorities, everything about the property is just 50% – the area it is in takes up the other half. The location of a prospective apartment is that important, and if you somehow fail to take this into consideration, you’re in for a rough time. Here’s a short list of places and facilities that should be within reach of your apartment:

Your Office or University

Consider yourself fortunate if your apartment is just a few blocks from your office or university. At least you don’t have to deal with transportation issues, which can cost you thousands of dollars per year may it be on buses, trains or your very own car. This assures that external factors, such as traffic and delays, won’t affect your punctuality at work or in school.

It can prove difficult to find a suitable living space near the places you go to everyday. However, you can always hire a real estate company
to find one for you, thus saving you the time and effort.

Trains or Bus Stops

Traversing around a large city, like New York , can prove to be difficult even if you have a car. This is why you need to have an apartment near a facility that provides transportation, like a subway or a bus stop.

Even if the prospect rental is halfway around the city, it’s still a viable option if it only takes a half-an-hour train or bus ride to get there. Remember, your apartment should give you easy access to the main roads and vehicles! Being far from them means not being able to enjoy what the locality has to offer !

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Let’s say you’ve run out of salad dressing. Quick, get dressed and buy one from the local convenience store.

Oh wait.

There isn’t a convenience store nearby, and the nearest grocery store is 10 blocks away. You need to take the bus! As you approach the bus stop, you later found out that the last bus has passed.

Well, looks like you’ll have to make do with dull lettuce leaves and sprinkle it with salt then.

On a serious note, it’s always a plus to be near a grocery or a convenience store. It will not only guarantee that your basic needs are accessible, but it also means that you’ll have the discipline to NOT order pizza for dinner all week.

Most of all, this means you don’t have to take long trips across town just to buy menial things, like a bottle of salad dressing.

Emergency Services

When you’re renting an apartment, one of the first things you should look at is the safety and crime rate of the neighborhood it’s in. You wouldn’t want to live in a district where murders happen three times a week and break-ins and robberies occur almost every night.

In any case, be sure to rent an apartment in a place where emergency services are accessible. It makes a whole lot of sense to live in a building a few blocks away from the local police, hospital, and fire department.

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