Scare Your Friends with These Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas


Dressing up for Halloween is one tricky thing. But I tell you, doing your makeup is also challenging! Gone are the days when all you do is to wear something bloody and black. That alone can scare off people. But whisk away those ideas! It’s like an item that you need to store already on your creepy grandma’s trunk.

Instead, why don’t you make an effort more with your face? Do something that will spook out others. Something that would make them flinch and shiver as you face them on a Halloween night?

It’s easy actually. You just need a bit of imagination and creativity to do that thing. But when you say Halloween makeup, it comes with a variation. You need to decide which section you are. You can go bloody and gory, pale and ghostly or gothic and sooty. But you can merge them all if you have something unit in mind. Make sure that they would complement well with each other.

Bloody and Gory Ideas

Zipper Face and Zipper Eyes



Tired of your usual bloody look during Halloween? Why don’t you add more drama with it? Aside from applying the red paint and other coloring liquids, make it a point to insert some accent. Something that would leave your friends running when you decide to startle them with your enhanced bloody look. Check out the picture on the left portion. Looks neat and creepy right? All you have to do is grab a spare zipper from your closet or purchase one from a DIY shop. For the blood décor, you can try whipping up a strawberry jam from the fridge. As you apply your creepy makeup, keep in mind that you’ll leave out the usual black eyeliner in one of your eyelids. Instead, you’ll be whipping something that’s red. It will contribute to the gory effect of your drooping eyes.








Monster Behind The Mask


Monster Behind The Mask

Want something that would surely startle people? Then try out the concept from above. Post as an eerie masquerade queen on Halloween. But the scare never ends there. Once you remove the mask, people would definitely gasp in your terrifying getup. The trick in getting this look is that you need to choose the right tint, the right prosthetic for your fleshy and bloody eye area. Make it a point that you pick out a nude covering for your mask. Match it up with your skin tone and add up stitch designs in its edges.

Gaping Maw

You’ll need to have a realistic bloody art in here. It’s a challenge actually. Have a friend do it for you. He must be some kind of an expert in creating 3D art. As you do the procedure, drip some red paint all over your chest for some realistic effect. I learned some concept at GorgeousAlley. You can check it out if you have time.

Pale and Ghostly Ideas

Creepy Doll


Want to look beautiful and scary for Halloween? Then try out the get-up from above. Make sure that you have contact lenses that seemed to be scary enough to startle people. Purchase some false eyelashes that are weirdly wide and unrealistic. But before that you must apply a primer that will make you look pale. Don’t forget to draw some cracks in your forehead and chin. This will make you look like a wrecked porcelain doll.

Half Dead Girl


If you don’t have much time for the makeup but you still want to look pretty and creepy despite the hassle, you can play as a half-dead girl on the Halloween night. Prime up the ¾ portion of your face. Make sure that you are all white after that. But right before you apply the primer, make it a point that you draw out a zigzag or cracked line for your face. This will serve as an accent with your half dead girl make up. Wear blood red lipstick on the half portion of your lips like this one on the picture on the right part.



If you’re still fishing out for more Halloween ideas, you can go check out this video below. Enjoy your spooky makeup session!



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