Seven Things Nobody Told You About Moving

Moving residences is never easy regardless if you’re starting independent life on a new apartment or a life with your family in the suburbs. The process is usually faced with both apprehension and excitement: there are a lot of things to be done when moving, and the prospect of living in a new neighborhood is something to look forward to.
People talk about the usual rush hour, missed boxes and a whole lot of other issues, but they don’t tell you about lesser-known problems and pieces of advice. Here are some of which:

Hire a Moving Company


Although you might prefer to transport the items by yourself in order to save money, hiring a moving company will save you from all the hard labor and the storage woes. Be sure to look at ones with extra services, like having your own portable storage unit!

Clean Up Before Moving Helps


Well of course the old residence will be scot-free because you’re moving out, so you should focus your efforts on the new residence. If possible (and if it only requires a few hours or less worth of driving), clean up the place you’re moving to, particularly the bath and the kitchen (which is usually in bad shape).

You Need to Clear the “Unmovables”


Yeah sure, you already took into account the items you’re bringing to your new home. But wait, what about that old table gathering dust in the basement which no one wants? What about your old clothes in the attic? Well, the first thing you should do when moving is to put up the items you won’t bring along for sale OR donate them.

Informing Your Moving Company is a Must


Ok, so you took the first advice and about to dial the moving company’s number. Well don’t call unless you’ve made a complete list of stuff to consider. Tell them if you need to transport items like a grand piano, an oak table or a heavy wardrobe. Also tell them the type of building you’re moving into: they would appreciate it if you warned them that you’re moving to a 10 storey apartment building.

Clothes instead of Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap is awesome, and is one of the reasons why TV appliances, plates and glassware don’t end up broken across the United States. However, there’s no use for them after you have moved, except popping them which is undoubtedly a waste of money. In order to avoid situations like these, you could wrap stuff in used clothing – thicker ones for more fragile items. You could even pack your drinking glasses in clean socks – it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

Take Photos of Electronic Wirings

It can't be that hard....
It can’t be that hard….

Sure, almost everybody knows how to use computers, but not everyone even computer graduates know how to assemble the wires and plugs at the back of the CPU. Where does the mouse go? Where does the monitor go? The same applies to TV and audio systems. In order not to waste countless hours assembling everything back again, take photos – it’ll save you the trouble.

You Can Save Nature!


Do you want to cut down on boxes and packing tape? Well, don’t look any further: use the available bags, trunks, laundry bins and even suitcases to transport your items. It saves a lot of space – and trees (indirectly).

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