Unseen Beings Hitching A Ride In Your Luxury Car

Nothing could be more exciting when you’re traveling the world using your own luxury limo. You are fully loaded with fuel, you got lots of cash and you have your lady love along with you in your journey. Everything’s perfect until You notice that something’s weird. Something that’s uncanny and creepy every time you take a break with your trip. You can feel the hair in your back raising, can feel the goosebumps, and the unusual coldness you feel while you’re traveling in the unholy hours of the night.

Reason Behind That Blood Chilling Feeling


So what’s wrong then? Sure enough, you are still not losing your mind for that matter. It’s just that there’s something wrong with your car. Something that a mechanic cannot fix in an instant. And you wouldn’t want to admit the fact that it’s haunted. That it is capable of giving you the creeps every time the air goes dead around you.

Soul Who Cannot Find His Peace


Yeah, almost everyone is familiar with that scenario, with that situation actually. You need not to ignore this possibility. Since that you car’s bought only in a second hand basis, you should clearly expect for this situation to come. But before anything gets worse, have your car blessed. It will drive away the spirits that are pending in your car. And always pray every time you start your travel. As much as possible, avoid traveling alone at night. Anything could happen. You might get in trouble for this one.

Soul Who Takes Away Lives


You should be careful with this one. The soul might be some kind of a violent being who wanted to lure drivers to their death. They will do everything by all means to get you killed. It’s their satisfaction if they see you harmed and in pain. Like in the movies, they will find a way to get you out of focus while you’re driving. They’ll appear at your presence to startle you and distract you. And when they’ve succeeded, the misfortune they’ve done will make it look like you encountered an accident with no one to blame but yourself.

So What Should You Do Then?

Have the car returned. Or sold somewhere. You surely don’t want to be haunted with that phantom vehicle for the rest of your life. But if you’re brave enough to own the luxury vehicle, then find a way. There are options actually. You can have a priest bless it or some voodoo woman to do the ritual to drive the spirit away.

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