Wicked Nail Concepts For Your Eerie Halloween Night


Ready for the most anticipated spooky event this November? If you’re still fishing for some wicked concepts and creepy ideas on what to wear for Halloween, you better not miss out your nail detail, girl! They make an exciting addition for the upcoming eerie event this spooky season. Black nails are too common and cliché. So to make an exploding effect with your look, you better try out this nail art thing below. The bloody, gooey ones will surely leave everyone gaping at your hands.

What You’ll Need:

Neutral-colored nail polish
Burgundy nail polish
Dotter tool
Small nail brush


1.Prep and Paint. Clean your nails first. Make it a point that they are void of any dirt before you paint them with the neutral-colored nail polish. The pale shade will make a contrasting effect with your bloody nail theme later on. And don’t trim or cut your nails. The longer they are, the wicked it will look on the Halloween night. But you have the freedom to file your nails. You can shape them any way you like.

Tip: If you’re going as a sexy vampire, you can sharpen out your nails to make a creepy effect. Now you can claw and snap like a real blood-sucking vixen during the Halloween night.

2.Drip the bloody thing. With your dotter tool at hand, create the desired shape of your blood drips. Use burgundy colored nail polish to make a realistic bloody effect with your nails. Spill this in a foil and pour the burgundy drip at the bottom or in your cuticle. Keep in mind that the shape must resemble the form of a tear drop.

3.Connect the drips. Finish off the eerie bloody look by connecting the burgundy drops. Make it a point that the dripping effect will go uneven to achieve the wicked drama in your nails. Do this procedure while they’re still wet and malleable. Once it goes dry, then you’ll have more hassle more than you expected. The blood drips will serve as your imperfectly perfect French tip on an eerie Halloween night.

4.Dry it up. Allow your wicked nail masterpiece to dry completely. Keep in mind that it will take more time before it dries off in your nails. The blood drips contain thicker content compared to the first base of your nail coat. But it will be worth the wait then. It will make an exciting accent for your creepy and spooky getup on a Halloween night.

More Spooky Ideas

If you want more options, then you also have the choice to opt for another creepy nail concepts. There are several ideas which you can choose from actually. Check out these wicked nail themes. You might get your amazing spooky design in here:

Spooky Nail Idea # 1: Vampire Vixen

Isabela Rose via Pinterest

Spooky Nail Idea # 2: Frankenstein Chic

Andrea McCormick via Pinterest

Spooky Nail Idea # 3: Spidey Web Gal 

Chrysteenya Doan via Pinterest

Fishing for more nail ideas? You can go an check out more amazing nail concepts at GorgeousAlley. There are also makeup themes and DIY cosmetic tutorials available in that site.

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