A Minimalist Guide to Personalizing your Living Room

Creating a clutter-free home is surely a challenge for today’s generation of individuals and families. The rush hour has been embedded in our system that each step we make we, of course, hasten up. After the hustle and bustle of the day, we long to get to a stress-free abode. However, that is not often the case. At times, people get home to what seemed like a scene following an onslaught of a hurricane.

Cleaning often requires more time and enormous effort these days, so people often save this chore on the weekends – the days we’re supposed to chill, relax and catch up with friends and family. Although we really can’t avoid this scenario every day, we can do something to save our remaining batteries.

Some people has started to adapt the minimalist lifestyle not only to lessen their chores but also to cut the pile of stress acquired during the day. Others may find this type of set up boring, but minimalizing does not entirely equate to ditching “not-so-plain-and-simple” preferences. One can always add spice to the mixture, making things even more appealing. While there are things that need to be considered, there’s always room for creativity and personalization.

Taking things at a time, we should focus on one of the most crucial parts of the house – the living room. The moment we open the door, we will be affected by what lies behind it. After a long day, a messy living room would definitely provoke a negative reaction (perhaps even hostile). However, with a spacious and organized one, our minds are relaxed and ready to unwind. New acquaintances are also given hints about who we are based on the impression they make the moment they enter your humble abode. To make sure they are given the right message, here are a few easy tips to blend in your personality to your living room:

Colors Unlimited

Minimalists more often than not opt to use monochromatic or subdued palettes for their furniture, curtains, walls, etc., but that should not limit your options. You may go for bold hues if you’d  like. You may also go for complementary ones to give your house a funky or retro feel. If you’re into ombre shades, go for it! A combination of bold and subdued colors won’t hurt. Experiment! The possibilities are endless. There is science in colors, too. They can boost productivity, evoke calmness, reduce stress, and surely a lot more! You are practically free to choose the shades that best suit you and your needs. Just bear in mind this buffer note: their combination should achieve aesthetic and relaxing effects.

Attention Grabbing Pieces

Simplicity is the core of this kind of lifestyle and the walls can be turned into a wide space for portraits or paintings. With that, you can showcase huge artworks to add an element of surprise to unexpecting guests. However, don’t limit yourself to serene and scenic pictures. How about a wide canvas of that movie you grew up with? How about your treasured memorabilia? How about your cherished wedding photo?  Go ahead. Place it in your living room for people to see and marvel at. Choosing the best place should be easy, so choose the most attractive wall art to be the center of attraction.

All About You

Into photography? Display your masterpieces on coffee tables. Are you an arts and craft type? Decorate your living room table with your very own creation. Is flower arranging a hobby? Grace your dinner table with your centerpiece. Into fashion and designing? Dedicate a part of your living room for your mannequins and finished designs. Same goes with artists. Your half-finished canvas and acrylics or other mediums could be a great addition!

The moment you decide to rearrange your living room or your whole house, just bear in mind the necessary things about the lifestyle you’re adapting and it wouldn’t be so hard. The rule of thumb in minimalism is choosing the essentials over other things, clear surface, and strategic placement of decors. By strategic I mean they are placed where they won’t be easily disarranged and where they are most effective in. You’re probably imagining your new place right at this moment. Don’t limit yourself to the list, if an idea pops in, go ahead! Embrace your uniqueness and your house will surely follow.

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