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Pika-Pi! Pikachu Talk Now Available for Smart Speakers


The Scoop: Get ready to be the next Ash Ketchum, Pokémon fans, because you will be having your very own Pokémon anytime soon. Pikachu Talk is now available for Alexa and Google Home.

Pokémon has always been an important part of my childhood, in fact, it became a part of almost everyone’s childhood.

It was so popular that it became one of the most popular games of all time. The show was also fantastic and gave the viewers a taste of what Pokémon can do in action which is limited to what they experience when playing the game.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have your very own Pokémon companion too?

Well, wonder no more because that wishful thinking is almost becoming a reality. After it’s debut in Japan, The Pokémon Company launched Pikachu talk for smart speakers for Pokémon Day.

Pika-Pi, I’m Ready!

By saying “Open Pikachu Talk” Alexa and Google will be temporarily disabled to make way for Pikachu’s voice. You can even ask the adorable Pokémon to “use Thunderbolt” to strike up an electrifying conversation(get it?). Of course, Pikachu’s is no pushover and can be stubborn refusing to do as you ask.

Moreover, according to The Pokémon Company,  you can talk to your Poké-buddy about anything such as “tell me a funny story”, “say ‘pizza’ 10 times” and more. And of course, don’t expect your Pikapal to be talking to you in English. Your new buddy will be answering you with a series of “Pika”, “Pika-pi”, and “Pikachu”.

What’s more, you can also try and make two Pokémon-enabled smart speakers talk to each like this one.


So are you excited about getting your own Pokémon?

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Featured Image: Poké

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