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Six Painful Video Gaming Experiences


Being a frequent visitor of the virtual world isn’t all fun and games. There are moments wherein you’ll need to wrack your brains to finish a level and cry because of a major twist in a storyline. Regardless of the console (PC, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox), we’re all battle-scarred virtual world veterans, and we’ve had our fair share of war stories and horrifying experiences.

Here are some of the most painful experiences we’ve all (or most of us) had to go through:

Warning, spoilers abound.

A Overwritten Pokemon Game

Game Boys were a huge trend back then, and no title was as popular as the Pokemon franchise. Let’s say you’ve logged in over 300 hours in Pokemon Emerald, and you’re on your way to conquer the Battle Frontier with your maxed out Blaziken, Wailord, and Altaria.

After school, you arrive home, hoping to finally win the last part of the Battle Frontier when you suddenly discover that your file was overwritten, with a lone level 9 Mudkip in your party. It’s like a dead weight was dropped on your chest.

Watching a Replay of Your Buddy’s FIFA Goal

The score is deadlocked at two apiece, when suddenly, your friend scores a seemingly impossible goal from long range. You can’t believe it, and as your adrenaline shoots up, he laughs and torments you further by watching replays of the goal – and from several angles at that.

A “Should be Censored” Screen Pops Up in Untimely Situations

Let’s say you’re playing an RPG in your living room, when suddenly, a wild rated 18 scene appears. Your parents, conspiring with the gods of humiliation, picked the worst time to walk in. We’ve been through in similar situations before, and thinking about them sends shivers down your spine.

Playing against Sore Losers

Although online multiplayer is one of the best things ever conceived in the world of gaming, it has its dark moments particularly if you’re playing against kids who make themselves feel better by chatting and shouting invectives at you to death. They’re also seemingly interested in your mother.

Whether it’s a sports game or a first person shooter, you’ve been screamed at and accused of being a cheater online. You’ve experienced worse if you’re a female gamer: a study showed that men (or boys) who always lose on games frequently make abusive and sexist comments to women who have defeated them.

Seeing This Scene as a Child

Final Fantasy VII was arguably one of the best titles to have ever entered the video game market, as it gained widespread acclaim throughout the gaming world. It was defined as the “game that sold the Playsation”, and was named Game of the Year in 1997.

However, gamers who played it 18 years ago were rocked by a single scene which was judged as one of the “most shocking moments in video game history”.

The Numerous Bugs in Skyrim

Despite having numerous bugs and glitches, Skyrim was judged as 2011’s Game of the Year. It was no surprise as to why: the game’s graphics, game play, setting, and plot were all top-notch. You can log in over 300 hours into the game and still find a new dungeon and quest.

However, the game was marred by hundreds of bugs and glitches, and some are capable of breaking the game as they are enough to make you unable to progress further.

Overall, though you can never go wrong by playing video games, it’s not without any negative experiences. You’ll face some tough times, but it’ll all be worth it!

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